Feelings of a Child

Children are emotional beings. They often act by instinct and emotions, doing whatever pleases them. Emotions can be a double-edged sword, depending on the child’s mood of the day.
As parents, we should guide our beloved child gently with love – to teach them how to order their thoughts and emotions. This will greatly help set children up for future success and have the world be a kinder and gentler place.
Being young and lacking in life experiences, children may not be very tacit and be tactless at times. Careful interaction with other people are necessary for healthy relatinships in life. Teach them not to get caught up with the struggles of life and act on emotional instinct. Keep calm and act responsibly.
We all desire to be appreciated in whatever we do. Encourage your child to do what they want to do – to explore their passions, dreams and goals. Help them make their ideals reality. Allow them to experience setbacks every now and then – do not be too overprotective. Let them learn experiences from the results (consequences) from their actions or decisions.
Embracing individuality
Every human are unique individuals. Some may like to monkey around climbing trees. Some may like to cook. Some may like to study. Whatever it is, everybody have their own individual pursuits to chase after – a lofty dream.
Never restrict your child’s inner individuality and personality. Allow them to embrace their feelings to unleash their innate potential. You may discover a latent talent your child possess that you can take further action to develop that potential to its maximum.
In both good and hard times, don’t we all desire plenty of love and a hug from our loved ones? As parents, protect your child with the most loving hug you can muster. They will appreciate your just being there for them in their times of need. They will surely look to their parents for their emotional needs – as they say “family that plays together, stays together”. Be there for your child’s every milestones. Value every moment, precious time spent with your child –  children grows up far too quickly.
Children grows up too quickly
Children grow up in a blink of an eye. Cherish every teachable moment and never forget to give your children the love, attention and emotional support they need.