Capping That Pregnancy Weight Gain!

2018 saw a new addition to the budding Royal Family. What stole headlines wasn’t the freshly minted Prince Louis who could be seen giving his first wave, it was the Duchess’s figure just hours after giving birth. Kate Middleton was her usual elegant figure as she and Prince William showed off their newborn on the steps of the St Mary’s Hospital this April! Less than a month later, she looked as healthy and elegant during the Royal Wedding!
If you’re going how? We’re with you. She was quick to reveal her secret when asked about how she maintained her slim figure. It didn’t have anything to do with severe crash diets or an exercise regime. It’s simply running after the rest of her blue blooded brood. The Duchess is kept on her toes by her young children and hence, maintains a slim figure. If she can do it, can you? Not really, Kate Middleton’s secret might not necessarily work for you as new mother or even if you have other existing conditions. Pregnancy weight gain can be a downer post-delivery when you’re aching to get back into your preloved clothing. To ensure that you have smooth transition back to the hot pre-baby bod, we’ve got some tips for you.

  1. Take Note of Your Growth

Make sure to be aware of your weight gain. Pregnancy will inevitably change your body, but you need to take note of your changes and what is deemed healthy at certain periods. Check what should be your acceptable weight with your gynecologist during check-ups. Take note if you’re over or under what is supposed to be a healthy range and plan your lifestyle and diet accordingly.

  1. Move!

Pregnancy can weigh you down and you might be prone to feeling sluggish! Nevertheless, make sure to get on your feet and head out for a leisurely stroll or do some simple stretches. Make sure to do light exercise regularly during this period to ensure your metabolism is stable.

  1. Trick that Craving

Pregnancy can be difficult when you’re assailed with unhealthy cravings. As much as possible, fulfil cravings with only healthy alternatives. Curb cravings by adding healthy snacks to your diet or eat an apple/orange when a craving hits.
Those were some useful tips that can help you snap back to your pre-baby bod! Make sure to do what suits your body and observe your symptoms.