Relieve Mum’s Stress? Yes!

Stress for the working mum? Parenting is not easy with an energetic child in tow. More so in Singapore where everybody’s hustling and bustling. No wonder that mums are stressed out with handling her child, work duties and managing her household.
Mum’s Relax Time
Everybody needs time to chill. Make it a rule that she wants an hour of uninterrupted rest daily. Catching some rest helps both the mind and body to relax and refresh herself. Or attend to her personal needs, like reading a book or exercising.
During this restful period, the hubby spend some daddy time with her child. Daddy can take this opportunity to spend quality time with his child, as he may be busy working to spend more time with his family.
Mum’s Breathing
Taking time to slow down may be difficult for the busy mum, but at least try. Five minutes to perform some breathing exercises. Rhythmic Breathing helps the busy mum to relax and clear her mind. It has the powerful effect of invigorating her body and to continue her earlier task.
Relieve Couple Time
Remember how sweet you were before having a child? You can relive such moments once the child has gone to sleep. Communicate with your partner about your memories – the good old times you both had shared. By sharing your life with a supportive partner, it will make things easier, as you are sharing your stress with an understanding ear. Bonus points if he offers various ways on how he can help reduce your stress.
Sweet Tooth
For mums who enjoys that surge of Sugar Rush, indulge in ice-cream! Relish that cold chill and the feeling of bliss as the ice-cream melts in her tongue. For an even stronger effect, eat ice-cream when its fresh from the fridge for a guaranteed brain freeze. That feeling is really shiok! High sugar content in her body is sure to boost her energy levels for an even greater productivity!
When you gotta laugh, laugh!
Laughter is the best medicine indeed. A laughter a day scares the stress away! Share a laugh with your friends and family! You will feel a boost in your energy levels and all lethargy will seem to fall away as if it did not exist. This is also a great opportunity to bond closer to your family and friends!
Mum’s Child Time
Sure, a mum may be busy with a dozen of tasks to do daily, but why not relieve some of that stress by spending time with your child. It may seem counter-intuitive but it may just work, with the additional benefit of getting closer to your child. Play with him and have fun! Your stress will fall away as he enjoys himself. Children will appreciate their parents spending time with them. Be there for him during their growing up years.
Motivate yourself!
A little motivation goes a long way in anybody’s life. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take some time off to recall some of your favourite quotes or memories. By recalling them, it makes things easier on your mind to help relieve some stress.