Happiness starts with Parents

By nature, everybody are inherently nice people. Children often takes cues and learn from those closest to them – their parents, from the moment they are born. Everybody wants to be treated well. So why there are many not so pleasant people in our lives? Parents who were emotionally hurt in their childhood may unconsciously exhibit their hurts and their children pick up on these habits.
This vicious cycle of past hurts can end when you make the conscious effort to forgive and forget. It all ends with you. As parents, it is our responsibility to pass on positive traits to our beloved children. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Being empathic and understanding to your children needs is crucial in shaping them for their future happiness. 
Anxious Kids
In growing up, children experience several new experiences and sometimes that can be overwhelming. They become anxious as a way of coping with life’s difficulties. They may turn to venting their frustrations elsewhere, as a cry for help. Some parents may have gone through the same as children.
So be more understanding and help your children moderately. Give help when needed to ensure that your children grows up self-sufficiently. Anxious children require tender loving care and assurance that they are in familiar and safe hands. Over time, their reliance on their parents will lessen as they gain more confidence in life to be happier.
Vulnerable Kids
Some children may feel that they are not good enough – unrecognised and unappreciated. Whatever they do is never good enough for anybody – signs that they are perfectionists or are being oppressed.
If the child is a perfectionist, be understanding and gently tell them that it is alright to make mistakes and fall. Such life experiences will enable one to grow into a better version of themselves down the road. Nothing in life is perfect.
If the child is being bullied in school, then they will need more serious help. As parents, adopting an open communication helps both parties in understanding each others’ needs. Parents can provide the care, comfort and love that the bullied child needs to recover. When the child shares to the parent their problems, a closer relationship is formed as well as releasing all the stress.
Over time, with parents’ love, understanding and care, their children will learn how to better take things easier and to be happier or contented with what they have. They will also gain better empathy and understanding towards others and be more tolerant. 
Manipulative Kids
Some children wants to be in control and are willing to do anything necessary to achieve their goals. This is an unhealthy behavior which should not be condone.
As a parent, gently guide your children to find alternative ways to achieve their goals. Maybe engage them wih fun interactive activities to stimulate their logical thinking skills. By having fun in what they do, children will be too busy having fun that they will engage themselves. This will set children up for future success in whatever they do and to be happy with what they have.
Ultimately, parents are crucial in grooming our future generation to be responsible and friendly adults. When parents are able to put the past behind them and look towards to the future, and groom their children kindly, the world will be a happier place!