New health and wellness product and apps to look forward – IFA Global Press Conference

In late April last month, our editors were there to witness the launch of the new health and wellness products by various brands. Held in the capital of Italy, Rome is where the IFA Press Conference and power briefings were held.
There were many spectacular products that revolutionized the art of technology meets lifestyle. Here is today’s Parents World post, we are going to share with you some of the products that we think that is a must-have for everyone.
Known for it’s wide array of health and wellness products. Beurer is a then heat pad manufacturer turned digital health specialists. Specializing in creating products to suit our daily needs.
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With the new Beurer Connect and ‘Health Manager System App’. It allows you to up to 12 apps with 60 devices. For more information, you can check out Beurer at
Known for its Air Fryer that helped saved the convenience of many, Philips has once again come out with a revolutionary product that helps improve the life of many. This year, they had come out with 3 new products, Air Purifier Connected, Somneo Connected, and Smart Sleep.
Knowing at times that the air could be quite bad in various countries. Philips has come out with Air Purifier to help improve the air circulation at home and thus to improve our sleep as well. It tracks from the surroundings based on the app that its connected to and it measures pollutants and pollen in the outdoor air so as to adjust the air purifier accordingly.
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Now with Somneo you can have indoor sunrise right in your bedroom. You can adjust the alarm and the type of ‘sunrise’ that you’d want all to your favour. Somneo monitors the temperature, humidity, light and noise so as to aid you in getting to relax and have a better sleep. It is also clinically proven that it improves well-being after waking up as well.
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Having less than 7 hours of sleep could be quite damaging to your health. Furthermore, a survey results have shown that 40% of the population age 25 to 45 actually belong to the aforementioned. With Smart Sleep, you can detect your sleeping patterns and eventually help you to improve your sleeping habits.
In the long run, it also helps you by giving you tips on how you can improve your sleep routine thus feeling less tired in the day.
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For more information on Philips new range of products, you can check out
A watch that don’t just tell the time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have someone who could assist us in the things we do? Technologies are ever changing, who would have thought that we will be so dependent on the internet aka technologies nowadays.
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In this IFA briefing, we were introduced to Fitbit Versa. A smart technology that helps you track your the footsteps that you’ve clocked in, keeps your heart rate in checked while you’re exercising, and for the ladies, it also helps you to track your period cycle.
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For more information you can check out