4 Reasons to Have Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be boring. Quite the contrary! Cravings don’t just come in the form of food during pregnancy, here’s why. 
     1. Your Orgasms May Be Off The Charts
When you’re expecting, the big “O” can be so intense you might find it unusual. Some women experience their first-ever or even multiple orgasms during pregnancy. Your sensations are likely to heighten because the genital and pelvic regions are engorged with blood, thus making it ultra-sensitive and intensifying all kinds of stimulation.

  1. You’re In The Mood

You’re more likely to say yes to sex, all thanks to the heady cocktail of hormones that bring about changes to your body. Fuller breasts and more sensitive nipples, greater flow of blood to your pelvic area resulting in vulva engorgement, and an increase in natural fluids for lubrication – your body is showing the signs for you to give the go.
40 per cent of women want more sex during pregnancy than they had before conceiving, a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports. Your newfound curves may also make you feel sexier, and obviously, there’s no need to worry about birth control.

  1. Your Baby Is Safe

Rest assured: Your tot is well protected inside her fluid-filled amniotic sac and a mucus plug seals off your cervix to protect against infection. Your partner’s member will not come close to the baby during sex as well, in contrary to most daddies’ fear. Unless you’re having a risky pregnancy, sex will not cause premature labour.

  1. It Keeps Your Relationship Alive

Pregnancy woes and hormonal changes might make you feel insecure and irritable, which not only takes a toll on you but on your husband as well. It’s always good to reconnect with your partner in intimate ways.
An intimate relationship restores a sense of normalcy to an otherwise tumultuous stage of your lives, but also brings you closer chemically, with the release of oxytocin (a bonding hormone) during sex. Studies have shown that oxytocin boosts emotional attachment and makes us more sympathetic, supportive and trusting – all building blocks of a solid relationship.