Raising a Happy Champion

You don’t have to be a perfect parent, simply because the world isn’t perfect. With a different perspective, you’ll soon realize that the imperfections help to shape the beauty of life. Here’s a toast to raising a happy champion!
Today’s children are told that the world is scary: be afraid, stay at home, and don’t climb a tree unless it has been risk assessed. Taking risks and challenges are developmental imperatives for a healthy childhood. They provide the courage to take life by the horns, fulfilling dreams and goals later in life.
Parenting has become such a competitive sport that most care a lot about what others think, rather than what is beneficial for the little one. For some parents, their children have become a commodity – treated as this season’s IT bag or Mercedes. Whereas some children are already presented with exam stress at a young age by “Rabbit Mums”, taking on extra-curricular activities, on top of an already full plate of school work. Subconsciously, such a parenting style can result in a narcissistic trip, doing more damage than good to Junior.
Parents need to be completely honest with themselves and re-evaluate children’s needs and priorities. “Whom are we doing this for?” “What makes Junior happy?” and “What’s Junior’s latent talent?” are just some of the questions that will help to ease your parenting woes. Here are some tips to help you raise happy kids, building a strong foundation to prep Junior for the journey of life.