BOTB – Best Of The Best Special Feature

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The only way is up at the new Clip ‘n Climb climbing facility brought to you by HomeTeamNS. Think climbing and your mind may conjure up images of cold, daunting walls with impossible grips. Not with the new Clip ‘n Climb.
The new facility at HomeTeamNS Tampines has over 19 unique climbing challenges of varying difficulties to cater to all skill levels, each equipped with an eight-metre tall technicolour wall and special hand grips for added fun. The first of its kind in Singapore, the revolutionary climbing theme park hails from New Zealand and provides action for climbers of all ages – even the little ones (minimum weight of 10kg). Besides earning a good full-body workout, climbing at Clip ‘n Climb can help improve focus, and concentration, along with essential sensory and motor skills from a young age.
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