BOTB – Best Of The Best May|Jun Issue

Best Of The Best – Best Pre School Award 2018
It’s the time of the month again for Parents World to commemorate the bi-monthly award winners for our May/June issue. Without further ado, here is our list of BOTB Pre School Award winners.
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Dreamkids Kindergarten
BOTB – Best Values-Based Curriculum
Unlike mathematics, science or languages, values cannot simply be taught on a blackboard. No kindergarten understands this quite as well as Dreamkids. The school believes that it is not enough for children to be smart, but also wise. Their Values Curriculum is based on adapting Eastern values into the contemporary context of society and cultivates it through consistent practice.
Addres: 46 East Coast Road, #07-05, East Gate Singapore 428766
Contact: (65) 6348 8078 | (65) 8777 8834
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Jus Infants
BOTB – Best Dedicated Infant Care Centre
Raising a child begins with a commitment to make the right choices for him or her during infancy. Jus Infants believes that every baby matters, and that caring for young
infants starts with having love as the foundation behind every command. Uniquely catered to infants aged between two to 18 months, you and your child can expect a dedicated infant
care curriculum which focuses on creating a purposeful, nurturing, and safe environment that
is conducive for learning and play.
Address: 715 East Coast Road, Singapore 459067
Contact: 6246 4852 (JusInfants@EastCoast)
Address: 47 Kallang Pudding Road, #01-01 The Crescent @ Kallang, Singapore 349318
Contact: 8683 0777 (JusInfants@Macpherson)
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Little Green House
BOTB – Best Literacy Programme
Confident readers, eloquent speakers, and fluent writers are nurtured through Little Green House’s literacy SMART™ programme. Under the guidance of highly trained educators, every child will be challenged in an interactive way to ensure they develop and hone strong foundation skills. The award-winning curriculum will help your child prepare as they progress through the different stages of their education.
Contact: 6653 7146 (
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Little Kinder Montessori
BOTB – Best Montessori Curriculum
Since 1999, Little Kinder Montessori has been providing children with high-quality Montessori education with an aim of helping parents raise global citizens with a love for learning. They pride themselves in creating a bright and exciting learning environment to stimulate learning
at its best. The teachers at Little Kinder Montessori live and breathe the Montessori
motto of “following the child” and hence is able to effectively cater to every child’s unique
learning styles.
Little Kinder Montessori also offers their very own Little Beanstalk Program – which is an in-house blend of specially curated enrichments aimed at letting their children unlock their inner talents and interests.
Address: 55 Chu Lin Road Singapore 669949
Contact: (65) 6892 4450 | WhatsApp: (65) 9139 3676 (
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Little Woods Montessori Pre School
BOTB – Best Discovery-Based Learning for Preschoolers
The primary purpose of the Montessori Method is to develop children cognitively, physically,
emotionally and socially to be independent thinkers and self-directed leaders. To do so, Little Woods Montessori surrounds the children with order for simplicity, but gives them enough freedom to explore in a safe and relaxed environment. With their Montessori programme, your child will be instilled with important routines that are presented naturally and in an informative and interactive manner. This way, the pre-school aims to prepare your child for the local primary education as well as its international equivalent.
Address: 45 Gentle Road, Singapore 309166
Contact: Tel – 6251 6317 | Fax – 6251 0817 (
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My Little Kingdom Pre School
BOTB – Best In Character Development
My Little Kingdom believe that while academic success and being smart is important, inculcating good morals and the right values—things that will follow through their lives—are just as essential to their development.
The curriculum at the preschool focuses on English, Chinese, and Music, and is designed to maximise their learning through engagement and fun hands-on experiences. Curiosity is encouraged, as children learn to respect cultural similarities and differences.
Address: 182 Jalan Jurong Kechil, #01-67 The Hillford
Contact: : 9723 0369 | 6909 3060
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Red Schoolhouse
BOTB – Best Quality Pre-school Curriculum
Red SchoolHouse was first opened in 2004 to serve the Thomson community with
just 20 children and a small but dedicated group of early childhood educators. As a preschool without a track record, it was challenging getting parents to entrust their young ones to the school. Less than three years after opening, the school was operating at full capacity with a waiting list.
Red SchoolHouse offers a holistic SPICE Curriculum for children between two months and six years old. Spearheaded by their Director, Mrs Rachel Ding, the SPICE Curriculum is a collaboration between a pool of local educators, as well as seasoned early childhood lecturers from various education institutes in Singapore. In the SPICE Curriculum, emphasis is given on hands-on learning through a collection of specially-designed teaching materials as children are given plenty of opportunities to develop their meta cognition, as well as open-ended and higher logic reasoning from nursery to kindergarten levels, with the main goal of nurturing joyful, successful children and preparing them for formal school education.
RSH @ Upper Thomson
Tel: 6353 3200
RSH @ Woodlands
Tel: 6334 7680
RSH @ Bartley
Tel: 6288 2387
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Safari House Preschool
BOTB – Best Language-Based Curriculum
Designed to provide young learners with an educational headstart, the Safari House Preschool’s Zoo-phonics Programme teaches little ones to learn the shapes and sounds of the alphabet and phonemes using a multi-modal approach.
Through the approach, this programme develops children in oral (speaking), phono (hearing),
visual (seeing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching) aspects to ensure they get to have a well-balanced and holistically structured education. Coupled with non-phonetic subjects like music and sensory drama, kids will be equipped with the necessary skills on top of excellent reading abilities that will benefit them as they go into primary school and beyond.
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Tots & Teddies
BOTB – Best Bilingual Infant Care & Preschool
For discerning parents who want the best quality care for their infants and children,
Tots & Teddies certainly comes to mind. This award-winning pre-school takes pride in offering children nutritionist-designed meals (prepared by their own professional chef) and a holistic education that will prepare them for the challenges of primary education.
While great importance is placed on well-balanced academics, the preschool knows that fun and play is important to help children develop as well. Tots & Teddies provides children with bi-
weekly excursions to the children’s playground at Gardens by the Bay, and provides extracurricular specialist programmes such as gym, speech and drama, as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) that introduces logical thinking in a fun way, all at no extra charge to parents. Between terms, kids can try their hand at making pizzas and cookies with their in-house professional chef, amongst many other enriching and fun activities.
Address: 62 Cecil Street, #04-00 TPI Building Singapore 049710
Contact: 6816 0001 (
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The Learning Lab
BOTB – Best in Developing Language and Math Foundation
The Learning Lab’s Early Years programmes empower your child to build a strong foundation in reading, writing, counting and problem-solving through the following ways:
-English lessons help your child build language skills through a modular approach based on letter recognition, word recognition and association, phrase and sentence construction as well as through story-telling, songs and games.
Mathematics lessons use visuals, manipulatives and games to help your child learn and apply
mathematical concepts such as number recognition, number values, simple heuristics and more.
To encourage curiosity in the classroom, The Learning Lab’s Early Years curriculum introduce captivating, real-world content to your child and develop his or her awareness of the world through a range of topics such as world cities, occupations, festivals around the world and world cuisine.
Teachers at The Learning Lab don’t just teach — they nurture, coach and guide your young learner to achieve his or her best. From wielding a pencil to organising his or her worksheets, teachers create safe harbours in the classrooms so that your child may always feel encouraged to share his or her ideas, to try new academic tasks and to feel confident in a classroom environment.
By helping your child associate learning with fun, achievement and growth, your child will be ready to learn and ready to soar.
Contact: 6733 8711 (
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