Complementary Therapies You Can Do Yourself

Build awareness. Most of us are so disconnected from our bodies we don’t even realise we’re stressed. That’s where Biodots come in. When adhered to the skin, these little dots act almost like mood rings, changing colour according to your stress level. So, if your Biodot is black, you know you’re stressed. Once you have that information, you can change the colour of your Biodot by slowing down and taking a few deep breaths.
Strike a pose. Lie on your back in a pose called shavasana with your arms spread out to the sides or slightly up so there’s a small amount of tension in the chest. Then make thumbs like Fonzie.
Touch your heart or your belly. Touching your heart or belly shifts your attention away from your thoughts (which is where stress originates) and into your body (where you can tap into your intuition). Then breathe deep. Breathing is the cheapest, greatest tool on the planet. Even one deep breath can start to change the way you feel.
Write it out. When you need an emotional release, pull out a notebook. Writing out your worries can help you work through problems, and see things in a new light.
Let go. While you may not be able to plunk yourself do wn on the sandy shores of the Mauritius, you can observe a beautiful sunset in your mind. Close your eyes and go to a place you love a place that you find particularly peaceful. Then relax and let go!