Get That Picture Perfect Pose

As parents, we love to see our little one posing for the camera. As busy as we can be, in time to come, we’ll be living in regret of not capturing more of those precious memories.
We know getting the little ones to pose can be quite hard sometimes. Being temperamental and unpredictable at times. In today’s post, we’ll be sharing some tips with you on how to trick your little one to pose for the camera.
Luring The Kids
Kids kinda can’t handle being left out, Pretend they’re not involved and they’ll find interest on their own. Parents can also lean into younger children’s’ propensity to mimic. If they’re hoping a child will do something specific, like sitting on a bench or interacting with a prop, parents should do it first, without discussing it, and inevitably their kid will join them in the activity. Eventually, the parent can step away and capture a perfect picture. But, the key is to keep interacting, minimize the weirdness of the act of taking a picture and be quick.
Hold a phone slightly down away from your face and keep talking to them while you’re pressing the shutter button. Ask them questions. Get them thinking, imagining and enjoying themselves while you’re clicking away.
Natural Is Beauty
The best memories are being captured naturally. kids aren’t static creatures. They are often at their best and happiest while going batshit in a field or clamouring around on rocks in the run-up to a knee scrape. Learn to photograph these moments and you’ll end up having that perfect shot for keep sake.
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