Parents World Junior Chef 2018

Unleash your kids inner master chef this March holiday! In partnership with The Centrepoint, Parents World junior chef is back once again after its success from 2016. Cooking workshops will be ongoing from 9th to 17th March, and on the 18th will be the competition day where children can put their cooking skills to the test. All you have to do is to spend $20 at the day itself on a single receipt and you’re entitled to 1 cooking workshop entry. To enter the Junior Chef Competition, all you have to do is spend a minimum of $30 on either a single or combination receipt of maximum 3 on the same day.
9th to 17th March 2018
Inculcate your children with culinary skills when you choose from various cooking workshops! Prepare a pizza, plate a bento, whip up a stew soup, or even make your own delectable dessert. The event will be held at Level 1, Atrium of Centerpoint. Each session can only hold up to 10 children and with 4 timeslots per day. Slots are as follows: 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm.
PW JC Cooking Workshop
18th March 2018
Take up the challenge and bring your children’s cooking skills to the next level in our Parents World Junior Chef competition. An annual cooking competition for kids to test out their cooking skills as well as a good time for parents to bond with their children. There will be 2 categories, Category 1: 4 to 7 years old, and Category 2: 8 to 12 years old.
PW JC Cooking Cooking Comp
Spots are limited and available on first come first serve basis only. Interested applicants can click on the link to the registration forms down zbelow to reserve a slot. Please kindly present the receipt upon registration at the counter on the event day itself.

Junior Chef Cooking Workshop | Parents World Junior Chef Cooking Competition