4 Good Things To Know About Your Children

Growing up, the closest people we had was our family, be it siblings, relative, or parents. They are our first point of contact and also whom we see the most in our day to day lives. Parents assume that things are alright when their children are back home safely every day, but what they fail to understand are some the emotional needs that their children want. Here are 5 good to know so that you can better understand your children.
1) School
If your children dread going to school, you may want to pay attention more by showing concern towards them. Going to school is like an adult going to work. Its what every child does in their daily life. To some, school is like a torture. The reason could be due to many. It could be trying to catch up with school work, or even coping with the influence of their peers. As parents, we could show some concern by asking hows their day at school, or even simple gestures asking what did they learn in school. By showing concern for your children it makes them feel important and they’re being thought of and loved by you.
2) Friends
Children often mix around with a different group of friends. Friends from various social circles such as school, online, or even social media. Parents may not know but friends play a part in shaping the child’s behaviour and thinking. It may due to peer pressure, or the need to prove something. Occasionally, if one does not do what he/she was told to by their friend(s) is deemed as a coward or uncool which is what’s happening in the society nowadays. Children often feel the need to prove to their friends that they are not the aforementioned so they will just follow suit their friends. As parents, we can better understand their circle of friends but do not go overboard. Some good examples will be inviting your children’s friend over for a meal to better understand and to build a good relationship with them as well.
3) Relationship
Most teenagers studying in high school and college are not willing to talk to their parents about their relationship status. When one boils everything to themselves, it can be a problem. It may lead to depression, suicidal thoughts etc. So as parents it is important to understand what your children are going through and guide them through this important stage of their life.
4) Interests
All parents want the best for their children. They want the best out of them. To some, which school to go to, what course to attend its all planned. But what they overlook is to ask if the child is interested in what’s planned for. Children’s interests are ever-changing as they are growing, hence they can be fickle minded as to settle with one that they really like. As parents, it is good to be supportive of them, showing concern, guidance and a source of help.
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