Best of the Best 2018 Baby & Kids

Here are the best products and services for baby & kids. You can embark on your parenting journey with the best for your baby.
10 Mois 5-1 Baby Cot
This is a Japanese-made cot with rollers for ease of moving around the house and comes with two knobs on each side of the cot for hanging clothes. It is as pretty as it is sturdy and practical! It has a range of flexibility that your child can use as a piece of furniture, which will follow her from infancy all the way to her teenage years. You will be spoilt for choice, as there are also many beautiful bedding sets for the baby cots to choose from! Find out more at
Combi Handy 4 X Plus Ad-page-001
Combi’s Mechacal Handy 4X can ensure the hallmarks of a good stroller such as safety, versatility, and convenience. Weighing in at 4.7kg, Combi’s best-selling stroller is their lightest auto-swivel stroller. It has a convenient Grip & Go design with a handy carry strap that allows you to carry the folded stroller with one arm. The Handy 4X comes with 360-degree automatic swivel wheels that allow mums and dads to push the stroller in any directions. It is designed to be ultra-shock absorbent with a soft suspension system to ensure your baby has a smooth ride! It is available at $599 in three colors. Find out more at
GOO.N Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers
GOON Marshmallow L40 Detail
As soft as a baby’s bottom, these diapers will ensure your baby’s comfort. The GOO.N Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers will leave your baby happy, dry and nappy-rash free. It also has a color-changing wetness indicator, which makes it easy for parents to know when it is time to change the nappies. It is available at
Eden Grace
Eden Grace is committed to providing with ideal domestic helpers that come from creating a harmonious work-home environment that is achieved by managing both the helper and her employer’s expectations and lifestyle of learning. It is one of the top Christian maid agencies and is committed to not simply providing efficient domestic help, but domestic help that matches each family’s specific needs and demands. Find out more at
Take your try at something out of the ordinary and keep those pesky germs at bay with UV rays. Anyone who is not a stickler for hygiene before will change their tune the moment a baby enters their lives. Hanil has a high-tech solution in their UV Steriliser. It is medical-grade and uses two UV-C lamps that kill up to 99.97% bacteria. The Hanil UV Steriliser has a surprisingly low power consumption of just 50W, making it a convenient and cost-effective machine now! Find out more at
The Hegen’s revolutionary Press-To-Close, Twist-To-Open (PCTO) innovation provides breastfeeding mothers with. Gone are the days when you fret over having to clean and sterilise the many bottles used during the breastfeeding process. The trick lies in the container’s interchangeable adapters, which allows you to switch seamlessly between a feeding head, storage lid, and manual breast pump or adapter, depending on which function you want the bottle to perform. Hegen makes parenting exceptionally easy, allowing you to spend more quality time bonding with your child. Making every drop count! Find out more at
shutterstock_527631910 (IMTIDAD)
This is an award-winning agency that specialises in helping families with newborn babies and young children. Their commitment to helping parents find the right domestic helper sprouts from their belief that family time is sacred. With this in mind, this is a recommended agency which prides itself on its professionalism and takes time to understand each family before pairing them with the right domestic helper and ensure all your needs are met. You can arrange to meet and interview your potential candidates via Skype at no additional costs! Find out more at
Singapore’s first-of-its-kind science center for children, they can do just that and more. Hands-on activities await your curious scientist at each of the facility’s four themed interactive zones: The Imagine Zone which fuels their creative growth; The Experience Zone, where they can interact first-hand with the wonders of Mother Nature; The Discover Zone, which holds the secrets of the world; and lastly The Dream Zone, where fantasy and reality collide. You will not want to miss an afternoon at KidsSTOP as it promises you a whole lot of enriching learning and fun parent-child bonding for you. Find out more at
This is the ideal place to unleash your child and experience fun on multiple levels. You can let your kids get frolicky at The Forest, a jungle themed play structure with three levels for them to scale up and down, before making a quick escape and plunging into the ball pit below via the three-lane slide. The Forest also comes with a Gun City for the young sharpshooters to engage in a session of soft foam ball shooting from air cannons. If you love the beach, the indoor sand play area of Kidzland, aptly named The Beach, allows kids to play in a giant sandbox. For the artistically inclined kiddos, they can get creative at the Magic Pen. Their artwork is created on a touch screen table and projected on the wall as everything comes alive. It is also a great venue to host your child’s next birthday party! Find out more at
materna2016_image (32)
The Materna High Chair is a beautifully designed, yet sturdy baby chair made from 100% beech wood. It is able to sustain a weight of up to 80 kg. What sets this chair apart and makes it unique is that it can be adjusted to accommodate the size of your growing child. It is also available in four classic colors! The high chair is also fitted with an all-round waist guard with a leather strap and a three-point harness for additional safety. Meticulously designed, the Materna’s structure is also ergonomic to encourage correct back posture in little ones as early as possible. Find out more at
Nick & Nic
Lady Bug
Nick & Nic bags are designed to make things hassle-free for parents. The backpacks are versatile, durable, and can be easily folded into a small pouch for convenient storage. It is available in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is also available at all Tom and Stefanie outlets, BOVE, Tango Mango, and online at Lazada, Aladdin Street. Find out more at
Oceano Kidz22203-22293-Dentistar-Night-small-rocketSide Profile Dentistar_1 copy
This is the first and only tooth-friendly pacifier recognised worldwide, the secret of the German-made Dentistar lies in the cleverly designed shape of the teat. Its extra flat shaft and patented dental step provide more room for your baby’s tongue to manoeuvre. It also reduces pressure on the jaw and teeth up to 90%, ensuring maximum comfort. The Dentistar pacifier comes in a variety of colors and designs to choose from ensuring your child’s beautiful smile stays intact. Find out more at
PNKids aims at the gut with its prebiotics and probiotics offerings. Gut health is overlooked and probiotics can be consumed to improve your gastrointestinal tract health. To keep your little one in the pink of health, PNKids has rolled out two health supplements. Both supplements are formulated with no artificial colors and gelatin and contain no preservatives, milk, or egg. It is suitable for children age two and above. Find out more
Here, your kids can be introduced to large-than-life-games and stub tickets. With over 30 years in the business as a family entertainment centre, Timezone sure knows a thing or two about fun. Here, anything is possible! If you are feeling more adventurous, embark on a brand new journey by discovering the latest gaming platforms. Be sure to check out the new Vivocity flagship store when it opens in January 2018. Get yourself immersed in the fun action with the bumper cars and mini-bowling alleys to an exclusive party room. Find out more at
Tiny Todds
cake smash
Ever heard of smash photography? Get into the new tradition of taking your baby’s first birthday portrait with Tiny Todd’s cake smash photography. This is a trend that started in the United States. This is a messy but oh-so-adorable way to capture your baby’s first birthday. Tiny Todd has a colorful thematic set-up, which includes unicorns, cowboys, and superheroes to help you get the portraits you want. Find out more at 
Toddley Thoughts
Nothing says cute like matching outfits! Toddley Thoughts, a homegrown company makes memorable gifts and timeless baby keepsakes catered uniquely to you and your family. Find out more at
Twinkle Baby Balm
This is a multi-tasking baby balm is created to soothe and protect ski. It acts as a remedy for flu, cough, stomach pain and more. It is made from organic shea butter, which contains a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids to strengthen skin and reduce inflammation. It helps in the boosting of collagen production. Honeybees, beeswax is packed with Vitamin A, and these are the ingredients used to encourage wound healing and support cell reconstruction. Now, it includes a new formula with added Moringa Oil, a highly nutritious ingredient containing high levels of Vitamin B and C. Twinkle baby care products are made in Singapore and have attained multiple certifications for its quality and safe formula! It is one of the best-selling items! Find out more at
parentsworld-twokitzimage (1)
This is an online baby clothing store takes pride in being the one-stop solution for all your child’s fashion needs. You do not have to compromise on comfort and practicality as Twokitz produces the very best garbs and products for your child! Find out more at
Want Want
50g-东南亚版Take One Baby bites纸盒-胡萝卜味-0
Having troubles with your baby’s teething woes? Want Want Baby Bites is the healthy and tasty alternative to traditional teething toys. They are packed into two-piece sachets to give parents the option of taking them on the go. These rusks also come in many delicious flavours including Original, Carrot and Vegetable. Want Want Baby Bites are the best choice for teething little ones.