What All Mothers Knead

A few lifestyle changes will have to be set in motion during pregnancy. There are certain things pregnant mothers can and cannot do. A good example will be fashion entrepreneur Velda Tan, who had to sacrifice her weekly massages. With her especially busy routine of managing her successful clothing brand, Velda had to rely on a routine massage to keep her body and mind in check. It was critical to allocate a specific time for relaxation and unwinding. She had a new life growing inside of her and there was a compelling need to have adequate rest time. Thankfully for her, she discovered Madam Partum.
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Healthcare Provider Chien Chi Tow as referred by Madam Partum was the best fit for Velda. She mentions, “I tried the Western ones, like Swedish (massage), but I do not think it helps aches and pains. It just relaxes you for the day and the aches come back again. I think the TCM way is more effective when it comes to eliminating pain. The next day you do experience some soreness, but then you feel relieved like a whole weight is lifted.”
You do not have to go out for the massages as they take place at home where she does not have to worry about dressing up. Yen Lim, director and founder of Madam Partum and a mother of two, recommends that mothers follow Velda’s lead and begin pre-natal massages instead of jumping straight into post-natal massage after giving birth. There are many benefits in which a pre-natal massage can offer, such as stimulating blood circulation, reducing water retention, and helping expectant mothers sleep better.
Pre-partum massage is to help mothers prepare for breastfeeding. Yen explains that Madam Partum helps ease away the lumps that develop in our breasts during pregnancy, ensuring mums have an easier time nursing their baby when they arrive. “In my experience, mummies who start from pre-partum massages have a better and easier time with breastfeeding,” says Yen. “Some even have milk flowing on the first day and do not experience engorgement even three months in.”
Mothers can return for their post-partum massage as soon as the first week. Mothers who have had caesarean births can also start with a lactation massage first. Madam Partum’s post-partum massages focus on recuperation. “There is tummy trimming and it involves pressing the points, pushing back the uterus. During the initial stage, we also remove the lochia,” explains Yen.
Mothers are generally advised to have at least 90-minute sessions, but Yen adds that the treatments at Madam Partum are completely customisable as they understand that every mother has different needs and concerns. Velda shares that as she began her journey with Madam Partum, she was impressed by the level of care and attention given to ensuring mothers felt comfortable. “At the start, I just wanted to see which therapist I could connect with and Yen introduced me to a few, and I tried out two or three before finding the permanent therapist that will see me through my last trimester and after.”