Probiotics in Pregnancy

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Image Credit: Yakult USA
A daily intake of probiotics enhances the body’s natural healing ability and resilience. It helps in the recovery from disturbed homeostasis and helps to maintain health. It leads to healthy intestines and maintains longevity. Research has suggested that gut microbiota might have a greater impact on the health of living systems that had previously been thought. Scientists at the Yakult Honsha European Research Centre for Microbiology in Ghent, Belgium, found that strains of bifidobacteria are transferred from the intestinal tracts of mothers to their babies. The influence of bacterial colonization of the gastrointestinal tract on a child’s health is not yet known, and no consensus has been reached on the risks of a child developing asthma or allergies following a particular mode of delivery – these would be areas for future research.
Even so, it is fundamental to achieve a healthy gut for a well-maintained immune system. Probiotics will have crucial roles in helping living systems cope with varied health risks by ensuring maintenance and recovery of normal immune functions. It helps reduce bad bacteria in your body, which can lower the potential of certain infections or other health concerns. Research into gut microbiota and probiotics has helped us to understand the close relationship between healthy infants and a certain beneficial type of bacteria called bifidobacteria. It is important to maintain intestinal health in infants and children.
The question to note is if probiotics are safe during pregnancy? There is a variety of probiotics and limited research hence it cannot be identified as safe completely. Probiotics are probably safe because current data indicates that supplements are rarely absorbed. Probiotic use during pregnancy, have no associations with miscarriages or malformations of any kind. Furthermore, a Canadian researcher has found no association between probiotic use and the incidence of Caesarean section, birth weight, or gestational age.
Here are some benefits of probiotics during pregnancy. It helps intestines move food along and reduce bad bacteria. It boosts your immune system and further helps reduce health complications.
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