Dining at iSteamboat Restaurant

Indulge in an authentic style steamboat with your family and friends this Chinese New Year. Steamboat dinner is a popular choice for many as it calls for a social reunion with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. What sets this restaurant apart is its giant pagoda steamboat with multiple tiers! You can try your hands at the various techniques of cooking. This traditional cuisine speaks for itself as you delightfully explore its taste and variety of flavours available.
There are many special features to look forward to in this restaurant, such as the buffet experience. It offers over 40 fresh and delectable ingredients you can have a go at.
Moreover, the weekday crowd is slow so you can conveniently take rounds at the buffet spread. There is a free flow of drinks and ice cream available at your own service.
If you are looking for variety, this is a great place to dine at, especially with the different dipping sauces available. They really are difficult to resist! You can choose from the Salted Egg, Cheese and Satay sauces.
Diners will also have the luxury to boil, grill, steam or dip their ingredients. They can choose from the 2-soup base, pork, and herbal chicken soup respectively. They can also change the base during the refill. This is a chance to try the other soup flavours such as the Tom Yum. Steamboat cuisine is special with the distinct flavours, which each ingredient can offer. The soup is accompanied by a full and complete flavour. The pork soup is one to try as it has a strong and sweet taste to it. It is outstanding as compared to the chicken herbal soup, which has a more subtle and clear, smooth aftertaste.
This is the 5-tier pagoda, with the boiled soup, meat, sauces and prawns at the top section.
You will not have a difficulty eating the meat, as it is all sliced into bite-sized portions. You can grill it to your own liking and dip it in the sauces afterward. Diners who enjoy cooking can experience a good time grilling the meat to your level of satisfaction. Apart from that, the boiled ingredients such as fish balls, hot dogs, tofu, leafy vegetables make up for your healthy dose of food requirement. A steamboat dinner provides a range of healthy cooking options on the spot and diners will get to appreciate the taste even more.
There is also an array of toppings to choose from. You can add these to your dishes to improve the flavour of the dishes.
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The side dishes, salted egg calamari, and cereal prawns are the seafood options available. They are really an appetising treat, cooked to perfection. You are open to trying the other dishes available in the restaurant and be spoilt for choice.
There are ice-cream desserts available. Fans of old-school flavours such as paddle pop and chocolate chip will really enjoy this bit. There are tiny bits of gummy bear surprises, which the young at heart will surely come back for. Parents, come on down this Chinese New Year with your children to experience the exciting options of food here.