Best of the Best 2018 Pregnancy

We have collected some of the best products and services you can offer yourself this year. Take a look at them here to begin on your pregnancy journey with all of these award-winning products and services.
Auolive Eyes Lifter – your go-to product for eye bags and lines.
The Auolive Eyes Lifter is an invigorating and refreshing eye serum specifically curated to eliminate the traces of ageing and fatigue around your eyes. It leaves you fresh-faced and feeling great. This serum is for use both day and night. It uses a potent proprietary blend of active compounds like Palmitoyl-O-T7 Peptide, CellActivator, and Hydro-Lupine Complex. It helps to prevent pigmentation, retain skin moisture and enhances collagen production. You can bid farewell to flaws and signs of premature ageing on the sensitive skin around the eyes. You can find it n stores at TANGS VivoCity, Metro Centrepoint, and online at
Lao Ban Niang
 lao ban niang logo transparent
Lao Ban Ning’s confinement package has only the best interest of mums in mind. It aids in healing and rejuvenating making it the one thoughtfully prepared package as an ideal recovery programme. A total of 32 packets of carefully selected herbs are available in the package. You can receive the full nourishment for after pregnancy care you need with Lao Ban Ning’s confinement package. Find out more at
Madam Partum
Once your baby arrives, Madam Partum provides postpartum massage services for both natural and caesarean births. It is backed by 50 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine experience, it combines traditional methods and modern knowledge to give mothers the best pre-and postpartum care available. You can allow deft and gentle hands of Madam Partum masseuse to knead your pregnancy blues away. Find out more at
Nature’s Glory
 nature's glory
The Japanese believe that the plum, or ume, keeps100 illnesses at bay. It is known as the “Blue Diamond” of fruits, popularly know to boost the body’s immune system and improve its resistance to viral infections. It has a multitude of health benefits such as improving liver functions, maintaining digestive system, boosting the immune system, guarding against blood acidity, and inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the blood. It is highly recommended for pregnant and expectant mothers, which helps safeguard them from common illnesses and alleviate pregnancy side effects like morning sickness. Find out more at
Nestew Birds Nest
Mothers can get their much-needed pampering with Nestew’s lovingly cooked bird’s nest. It provides luxury and convenience as it is nicely delivered to your doorstep or office. This is good for modern ladies too bus to enjoy the nutritional properties of bird’s nest and specially catered to mothers who are either pregnant or have just delivered. You can easily place your order via Nestew’s Instagram or Facebook pages. The bird’s nest stewed and delivered to you on the same day. This will allow you to enjoy it with maximum freshness and enjoyment. Find out more at
Experiencing new parental stress? PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is a trusted agency that understands your everyday stresses. You can rely on our especially skilled nannies that possess a wealth of herbal and culinary knowledge to boot. They can help you with everyday household chores to give you an ease of mind. Find out more at
Star Confinement
This is just the place for parental rookies to be able to turn to someone they can trust for help and guidance during this trying and often emotional time. You will be surprised at how these nannies will go above and beyond by keeping a log of the baby’s daily habits. What makes it special? The nannies put their heart and soul into caring for mothers and babies. You will not only get a one-month-long help, you gain a lifelong lasting fried for your family! Find out more at
Thomson Confinement Food
 Group Shot (without Fish Tail)
Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery Service provides specially cooked dishes that are thoughtfully curated to aid mothers while they recuperate and recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Kinmemai Japanese rice has six times more LPS, a natural immune system booster to help strengthen immunity against flu, cancers, and other infections. Fathers, you can have your share of food fun with the Daddy’s Bento, a 7-day lunch set add-on just for fathers! Fathers, you can now focus on caring for mummy and baby. Find out more at
Thomson Medical
Thomson Medical
On top of having one of the most comprehensive facilities and services, Thomson Medical Centre ensures your delivery is a delightful experience. This private hospital is also the only one to offer the option of water birth. At the end of your stay, you can receive hands-on training on baby care from experienced nurses right before you leave for home to begin a new life with your little one! Find out more at
Tian Wei Signature
Looking for a confinement food catering service, which creates appetising meals that contain the essential appetising meals that contain the essential traditional ingredients with a fusion twist. You can put your trust in Tian Wei’s Head Chef, to bring his 16 years of experience and palate to spice up traditional confinement food. Say Bon Appetite and dig into a healthy and nourishing meal. Feel convenience with ease as it is packed and delivered warm daily to you! Find out more at