How to build a capsule wardrobe for your kids.

Laundry can be really tedious, especially if you have extra clothes that are not worn all the time. Clothes that are old, faded and torn should be removed from the closet. Convenience is what everyone is looking for nowadays. Mothers will greatly benefit from a capsule wardrobe, especially those with 2 or more children. Not many are aware of the capsule wardrobe trend, and its efficiency. It is a kind of closet that is tiny and compact, with only stored clothes of the bare minimum, usually categorised to be worn on different days of the week. This method involves pre-planning and matching of your clothes! You can do the matching based on colour, style or type of clothes depending on the weather. This is a rather minimalistic approach to organising your clothes, saving time on laundry, shopping, and clothing monster mess.
Here are some ways to build a capsule wardrobe from scratch.
Make a Master List
Reorganising is a good habit and making a master list of what your child will be wearing based on lifestyle, age, school (uniform or not) can help you save on your monthly shopping expenses. You can start out by naming different categories of the events and activities in your child’s life. In a week, he or she spends five days in school so jot down the number of uniform sets required for school. You can include a set of home clothes for when they spend their time at home in the evenings with pajamas at bedtime. You can create another column list for extracurricular activities such as piano lessons or swimming so that would mean 1 set of shirt and jeans, and 1 swimsuit respectively. Remember to set aside clothes for the holidays and travel.
Working with colours
You can create color-themed clothing on a weekly basis for the different set of occasions, such as family outings or dinners. If you have boys, then you can take the risk with bold colours such as blue, red, black, and dark navy shades. If you have girls, you can experiment with neutrals, pinks, and white. Throw in some patterns or designs such as floral, shapes and prints.
Give your child’s wardrobe a number
At this stage, giving your child’s wardrobe a number can go a very long way. You can still create an up-to-date wardrobe plan for your child. In a span of one month, you buy a certain number of clothes for particular activities, for example, 2 sets of dresses for your girls to celebrate special occasions. This can be accompanied by 1 set of home clothes on a daily basis. With this information in mind, make it a habit to update your master list after adding more clothes to the capsule wardrobe. To further complete this stage easily, you can start matching and counting the number of outfits you have collated for your child, o a weekly basis in one month.
Get rid of the clutter
This is important in saving yourself from the budging heap of clothes some parents experience right after a few days. This is time to get rid of the unwanted mess such as unnecessary singlets, loose shorts, torn blouses and old-washed out shirts. While doing this, you can classify according to piles for donation, reuse and sentimental. Once you have clarity on what you want to keep and throw, you can continue to organise, count and match. It is really not too difficult creating a standardized capsule wardrobe. You can also put on your fashion goggles and take this opportunity to create trendy-fashionable outfits for your child’s very own capsule wardrobe.