Picking the perfect name for your baby

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Some parents go above and beyond to find the perfect name for their baby. They get excited about the process and while doing so, may choose a name out of the ordinary. It is always important to take into consideration what your child will face when he or she is a grown-up.
In the process, there may be many heated debates while naming your baby. A name provides with the identity of your baby to start off right by following some tips we have created for you.
Getting Inspired
Here is a chance for you to do plenty of research and whisk out books on baby names. You can comb through websites or even speak to child psychologists and experts to gain a better understanding of choosing that one special name. Naming your baby is fun and exciting. Enjoying the process makes it even better. It will help you come up with just the right one in no time! You can also speak to your baby’s grandparents, friends or relatives to get more baby name ideas or their perspectives on your chosen list.
Unleash your Originality
 Fret not, and make full use of your creativity to experiment with different names. Go ahead and create a list of special, trendy names. No harm in opting for names like Kehlani, Tulip, and Oktavia.
Some parents prefer for their child to stand out with a name that is not on the popular list. This actually helps to elevate your child’s unique identity when he or she attends school. Having the same name, as another child in the same class is undesirable and imagine your child having to go through that. Put yourself in your child’s shoes and take this as a top priority. Besides, it is the age of creativity and innovation giving it a good time to take bold risks on picking names.
Own it
 As your child grows up, he or she develops a personality that may or may not suit the name you picked. This is an unpredictable situation. It will make you feel reassured of picking a name that fits, by making a list and experimenting with different names until you settle for the perfect one.
Finding common ground
 Do you both love the name? Finding a name that both of you like may seem like the most difficult task on the planet! If your partner hates the name you choose, try to come to a compromise. You can make a list of both your favourite names and see if there are any same ones that appear on both lists. If there still exists a disagreement, then you can try for elimination. Start by eliminating the names you and your partner dislike. This method will eventually lead you up to a name you and your partner may actually like to settle with.
Names with meanings
Some parents may have a liking for names with hidden meanings just to attach a meaningful element to it. Violet in Hindi means “happy girl” and this gives a unique edge to your child’s name. So, go ahead and take your pick!