Developmental miles of a one year old child

We know that not all children grow at the same pace, but there are developmental milestones to look out for. This is a rough guide for your 12-month old child to see if he or she is ticking the right boxes in terms of growth.
Physically, most…

  • Should measure more than 70cm
  • Tripled their birth weight
  • Head circumference measuring 45cm
  • Should have starting growing their two front and lower teeth

Mentally, most…

  • Would have developed a curiousity on everyday objects, and will exhibit inquisitive behaviour such as opening cupboards or pressing buttons
  • Would start developing a memory, which your child may exhibit by remembering where a certain toy is kept, or hiding an item in your palm and letting them “discover” it

Emotionally, most…

  • Would enjoy interacting with their family members
  • Start seeking attention from adults
  • Begin to feel comfortable even without their parents in sight, which shows that they understand that they are still “there” even if they are not, physically

Language-wise, most…

  • Would start exploring making assorted sounds, or mimic a real conversation, leading to what we all know as “baby talk”
  • Are able to address their parents by name
  • Would be able to repeat a sound
  • Are able to say at last two or three words
  • Respond to their name being called

Sensory-wise, most…

  • Like putting things in their mouths (so be careful there!)
  • Are able to stand by themselves with the support of another object such as chairs
  • Are able to “walk” from point A to B with the support of another object
  • Are able to use their index finger and thumb to “pinch” objects