Best Baby & Kids Products/Services 2017

Biolane Liquid Talc
What It Offers: Formulated with natural ingredients, Biolane products are made for the comfort. Tested under stringent dermatological control, Biolane Liquid Talc maintains the skin’s natural balance by matching the physiological pH level. Free of parabens, alcohol or soap, it is designed to preserve and protect your baby’s precious skin.
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Carlton Hotel Singapore
What It Offers: Carlton Hotel Singapore offers a range of facilities and venues that are suitable for any celebration you are throwing. From a baby shower to your child’s first birthday, find the perfect space at Carlton Hotel with a selection of rooms in varying sizes and atmosphere.
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Cetaphil® Baby Range
What It Offers: The new Cetaphil® Baby range consists of the Ultra Moisturising Bath & Wash, Shampoo, Gentle Wash & Shampoo, and Daily Lotion. Made from carefully-picked ingredients such as almond oil and shea butter and scented with a light fragrance, Cetaphil® ensures there’s utmost comfort for your baby.
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Cherub Rubs Scatterscreen
Cherub Rubs
What It Offers: Made with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, lemon eucalyptus oil and aloe vera, Scatterscreen functions as a sunscreen, insect repellent and skin moisturiser. Scatterscreen is SPF8 and safe to use on your baby’s skin, while keeping it sufficiently protected and moisturised.
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Combi Joy Parenting Station
 What It Offers: Used for diaper changing, or as a swinging crib, high chair, or day bed, the Combi Joy is a one of a kind parenting station with a unique five-angle adjustment, allowing parents to save both money and space. It is also able to lay completely flat, making it ideal for nappy changes and naps.
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Cottoncubs Waterproof Sheets
What It Offers: Cottoncubs waterproof sheets help to lessen your worries by keeping mattresses clean and dry, thus ensuring a peaceful night’s rest for you and your little one. The specially made patented fabric and Silicone blend keeps it 100% waterproof, without compromising on comfort.
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Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Pump Soap
Dr Bronner
What It Offers: Suitable for dry, eczema skin and safe for babies, Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Pump Soap keeps your skin nourished, hydrated and smooth with its blend of organic coconut and olive oils which creates a creamy castile lather. This 4-in-1 Organic Pump Soap is also good for washing hands, face, body and hair.
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Eden Grace Maid Agency
Eden Grace
What It Offers: Specially trained to provide proper guidance to children during their early years, Eden Grace nannies do more than just cook and clean. Their professional qualifications in early, elementary and special child education make them well-equipped to offer your children guidance in their schoolwork.
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Ezerra Cream
Ezerra Cream
What It Offers: A steroid-free cream, Ezerra is a treatment that specifically targets babies. It provides relief, promotes healing, and prevents infections with antihistaminergic mimicking properties. It is gentle enough to use on babies as young as two weeks old and has no reported side effects.
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GT Mobile Watch Smartee-1
GT Mobile
What It Offers: An innovative watch, phone, and GPS tracker all rolled into one, the GT Watch Smartee-1 is Singapore’s first smartwatch for the little ones, and is designed for busy parents to be in the know of their child’s location. Eco-friendly and water-resistant, it is also equipped with a cutting-edge security fence.
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HANIL UV Steriliser
What It Offers: The steriliser is medical-grade, and uses two UV-C lamps that kills up to 99.97% bacteria, ensuring that your baby is exposed to the minimal amount of harmful germs and bacteria daily. Despite its power and effectiveness, the HANIL UV Steriliser has a surprisingly low power consumption of just 50W.
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Happyganics All-Natural Baby Wash
What It Offers: This hypoallergenic wash is made with pure castile soap, organic vegetable oils and pure essential oils. It is fully plant-based and formulated without animal products or animal-testing, making Happyganics All-Natural Baby Wash biodegradable and cruelty-free.
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Hegen PCTOTM Feeding System
What It Offers: The revolutionary feeding system provides a seamless breastfeeding process, targeted to aid both mother and child. With interchangeable lids and breast pump adapters, the Hegen PCTOTM feeding bottle allows mothers to express, store, and feed their child within a single container.
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Inter Great Maid Agency
Inter Great
What It Offers: Understanding the need for parents to have peace of mind at work and at home, Inter Great is the one-stop solution for your infant and child care needs. Helpers undergo structured child and infant care training at overseas training facilities, and are recommended based on good track performances and feedback.
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Keptin-Jr Knottiez Comforter Rabby
What It Offers: Two layers of organic cotton fabric in different textures (terry cloth and woven) can be transformed into Rabby with just a single knot. Besides keeping babies entertained when it’s knotted, it also works perfectly well unknotted as a burp cloth to catch drool or a chew cloth during teething months.
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Kidzbee Apramo Flippa Dining Booster Chair
What It Offers: The Apramo Flippa Dining Booster Chair is the ultimate solution to your child’s seating needs. This award-winning baby chair is foldable and lightweight, allowing you to carry it with you to meals and even when you’re travelling. It also has a three-point safety harness to keep the restless ones safe.
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Kinohimitsu Superfood+ Kids
Kinohimitsu Superfood
What It Offers: Kinohimitsu Superfood+ Kids is a carefully formulated supplement that is packed with essential nutrients to support digestion, cognition, and boosts the immune system. It contains 250mg of colostrum per serving, a highly nutritious substance akin to breast milk that helps the body fight bacteria and viruses
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Kinohimitsu Be Sharp Kids
Kinohimitsu Be Sharp
What It Offers: Specially formulated for children over the age of two, this powdered lactose and dairy-free supplement supports brain development, and enhances memory and focus in children. Kinohimitsu Be Sharp Kids is formulated without the spoons-full of excess sugar used to make fishy-tasting supplements more palatable for kids.
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Living Codi Soft Cushion Baby PVC Play Mat
Living Codi
What It Offers: Living Codi Soft Cushion Baby Play Mat is one of the most popular PVC mats in Korea now due to its superb quality and soft cushioning effect. Unlike other PVC play mats, Living Codi PVC mats are softer, giving you and your little ones a whole new level of comfort and protection.
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MDdiaperbags Colorland
What It Offers: COLORLAND bags offer lots of space to hold everything your baby might need. They are also equipped with many helpful features such as stroller hoops, insulated pockets. Thanks to the materials used and the care taken to design these bags, they are also lightweight and comfortable.
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Mt Alvernia Paediatric Ward
Mount Alvernia
What It Offers: The newly renovated ward welcomes little ones with an animated “Under the Sea” theme featuring murals of vibrant marine life to evoke fond memories of the beach. They also boast a staff of highly trained paediatric nurses to care and comfort your little ones.
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Nettle & Neem Tree Baby Shampoo
Petty Flen
What It Offers: Nettle & Neem Tree Baby Shampoo is loved by many parents for good reason. In addition to Nettle Extract and Neem Tree Extract, Petty Flen’s shampoo protects your child’s scalp and hair with safe and natural ingredients. It also leaves fizzy or dry hair feeling soft and healthy after use.
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nihon ikuji Play Yard
What It Offers: nihon ikuji’s 4 Panels Premium Musical Play Yard is specifically-built with your baby’s safety in mind. It utilises the high quality and non-toxic European-grade EVA mat to cushion your baby’s falls. It is also the only play yard that can be converted to a free-standing kids’ partition or safety gate.
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Olive Oil Skincare Company
Olive Oil
What It Offers: Olive Oil Skincare Company’s 100% natural baby range is made to nourish and care for your baby’s delicate skin. Each of Olive Oil Skincare Company’s traditional soaps is hand-made using 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and are rich in natural glycerine and Vitamin E.
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PEM Confinement Nanny Agency
What It Offers: PEM Confinement Nanny Agency deals with the everyday stresses of parenthood and gives you more quality bonding time to spend with your baby. Each nanny undergoes intensive training in order to equip themselves with the right skills and qualifications.
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Raf Raf Bamboo Cloth Diaper
Raf Raf 1
What It Offers: Unlike other cloth diapers or pocket diapers, Raf Raf’s diapers use a system that is fuss-free and easy to wash. Their signature charcoal bamboo insert is laid onto the diaper, allowing it to contain the baby’s excretion without soiling the diaper cover.
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Raf Raf 2
What It Offers: Raf Raf Shoes provides children with shoes that not only look good, but are comfortable too. They come with removable insoles to allow easy washing, along with carefully-selected materials such as breathable canvas and leather, which allow the shoes to be easily maintained and washed.
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Scenze Rivadouce Bébé products
What It Offers: Rivadouce Bébé products are continually endorsed by doctors, nurses and midwives. They are made from up to 95% natural, vegetable glycerine-based ingredients, and contain no phenoxyethanol and parabens. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, Rivadouce Bébé products are gentle on the baby’s skin, ensuring your baby gets a comfortable and gentle wash.
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Smartfish Fish Oil Supplement
What It Offers: Smartfish’s fish oil supplement provides extensive coverage for your child’s fish oil needs. Every sachet of Smartfish contains DHA and EPA, which play a vital role in brain and visual development, increased learning ability, and concentration – making Smartfish the perfect supplement for your child’s learning and cognitive functions.
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Stérimar Nasal Relief Spray
What It Offers: Made from the purest sea water from Saint-Malo Bay in France, Stérimar Baby is 100% natural with no preservatives or additives. The natural isotonic solution works by gently clearing impurities and moisturising nasal passages. With a clear nose, Stérimar Baby reduces the risk of potential ENT problems.
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Sweetest Moments
Sweetest Moments
What It Offers: Sweetest Moments knows what parents need for their baby’s Full Month celebrations. Established in 2005, it offers various classy Full Month gift packages, such as Treats 4U. Parents looking at a more traditional option can choose the Classic Tradition, which includes ang ku kuehs, red eggs and glutinous rice.
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TapKids Learning App
What It Offers: With Tapkids, learning English can be a fun! This learning app uses the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create a learning experience that involves the senses. Kids get to hone their foundation in the language through the use of flashcards in tandem with the smart devices.
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Toddley Thoughts
Toddley Thoughts
What It Offers: With five years of experience, Toddley Thoughts is one of the pioneers in creating personalised baby and family outfits in Singapore. Their range of personalised clothing includes rompers and T-shirts with cute characters embossed in the front, outfits for birthdays, family T-shirts, and sparkling glitter onesies.
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Tollyjoy Anti-bacterial Bottle
Tollyjoy 1
What It Offers: Tollyjoy has developed its very own Anti-Bacterial Feeding Bottle that’s able to remove 99% of bacteria. The bottle contains Nano Silver (Ag+) to help prevent contamination and preserve the freshness of milk. It is equipped with an anti-wind nipple, which minimises excessive air ingestion during feeding.
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Tollyjoy Anti-Mite Dust Baby Laundry Detergent
Tollyjoy 2
What It Offers: Tollyjoy introduces its new Anti-Mite Dust Baby Laundry Detergent to help guard homes against the effects of mite dust. The specially concocted formula removes up to 99.9% of them from your laundry. It also allows for effective stain removal and prevents re- deposition of soil and dirt onto fabric.
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Tollyjoy Pure Wipes
Tollyjoy 3
What It Offers: Address all your baby’s outdoor cleanliness needs with Tollyjoy’s Pure Wipes. It is made with plant extracts, and contains 99% water content from ultra-filtration. Free from phthalates, parabens and lanolin, Tollyjoy’s Pure Wipes is safe on your baby’s hands and face.
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Tots N Toys
Tots N Toys
What It Offers: At Tots N Toys, the three main areas of development targeted are innate potential for memory, whole brain development and physical development. The range of programmes used to address these areas include the Glenn Doman Reading Programme, the SuperEDGETM Right Brain Programme and Montessori Practical Skills.
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Twinkle Hair & Body Wash
Twinkle 1
What It Offers: Twinkle Hair and Body Wash incorporates a blend of essential that boosts immunity and nourishes the skin. It also contains Aloe Vera leaf juice extract, a sensitive skin-friendly ingredient. It is free of sulphate, paraben, colouring, and artificial fragrance, and is suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.
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Twinkle Multi-purpose Balm
Twinkle 2
What It Offers: Made from 100% organic ingredients, Twinkle’s Multi-Purpose Baby Balm can be used in various ways. Their organic shea butter has a high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids which helps in protecting the skin’s natural oils and preventing dryness, while the Vitamin A-rich organic pure beeswax provides anti- inflammatory properties.
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Want Want Baby Bites
Want Want
What It Offers: Baked from selected premium rice, these teething rusks do not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. With these, your baby can teeth safely while getting wholesome goodness from Want Want Baby Bites.
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