New Dining Spot – itadakimasu by PARCO

PARCO introduced a new culinary destination in December that will offer seven authentic Japanese restaurants within one site on the third level of 100 AM. Aptly named itadakimasu, the Japanese phrase that gives thanks for the food, the multi- restaurant concept presents a variety of Japanese cuisines such as ramen, shabu shabu, soba, sushi, tonkatsu and yakiniku at affordable prices. We tried out a few of the restaurants and here’s what we think.


Numazu Uogashizushi


Numazu Uogashizushi is one of the few sushi restaurants that has coveted auction rights in Numazu fish market located at Numazu Port (Shizuoka Prefecture). The restaurant imports fresh and excellent fish directly from the fish market by air, to serve diners in Singapore delicious and affordable sushi. Signature dishes includes omakase sushi and fresh sakura shrimp, other dishes such as splendid alfonsino in sweet soy sauce and sakura shrimp tempura will also be available. We had the chance to try the Maguro Sanshu Nigiri which contains Akami, Chutoro and Otoro sushi, priced at $22+ only, it’s definitely one of the best affordable sushi joints around.

Ramen Keisuke Tori King


If you love ramen, you’d know Tori King. “Tori” in Japanese means “chicken” and what makes Tori King Ramen exceptional is the broth, which is made with ingredients such as chicken bones, chicken feet, Japanese seaweed and an assortment of vegetables boiled for eight hours to extract their individual essential flavours. These specially selected elements come together to create a tantalising and creamy chicken broth, which is layered and deeply comforting. The once limited Tori King Tan Tan Mein is now available as a regular menu item and while we were there, we had to try their new dishes which is Tsukemen ($12.90) and Maze Soba (Dry Ramen) ($12.90). As Tsukemen lovers, we were glad that there was finally a good and affordable dipping ramen available in Singapore. The Maze Soba was super flavourful with the super umami sauce and don’t say we didn’t warn you, it’s quite spicy!


Nadai Fujisoba NI HACHI


Recognised as one of the longest standing soba restaurant in Japan, this is the first Nadai Fujisoba NI HACHI outlet in Singapore. High quality soba (buckwheat) and dry bonito are imported from Japan with careful management of temperature and humidity to retain the freshness of the ingredients. The brand’s original dashi broth is fragrant with an umami flavour. It is created with a special blend of dried bonito and kaeshi (a mixure of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin which is well aged) from a recipe that has been developed over the brand’s 50 years of history. Other than their signature soba, do get the Special Truffles Dashi Maki Tamago with Club Japanese Sauce ($15) as an appetiser to share, you won’t regret it!




Saboten uses a select breed of matured pig for its signature Loin Katsu ($20 onwards) and 100% Uonuma Koshihikari rice from Japan which are then polished in Singapore to retain the freshness of the rice. Saboten’s signature Tonkatsu sauce is made with over 10 different types of spices, fruits and vegetables, simmered to achieve the perfect taste. Seasonal oysters from Japan are also available for order for a limited time only!




YAYOI presents hearty meals of steamed rice served with miso soup, mains and side dishes. The YAYOI outlet at Itadakimasu will present elevated interpretations of the delicious teishoku meals at the brand’s existing outlets, Yayoiken. The outlet also uses Kinme Rice and 16-grain rice for its meals. The former is polished using a special technique so as to retain the natural taste and nutritional value without losing its rich aromatic flavour, while the latter consists of sixteen grains including black glutinous rice, black soybean, and red bean. The 16-grain rice offers a nutritious supply of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Signature dishes includes Chicken Namban (Fried marinated chicken) Teishoku, Niku Yasai Itame (Assorted vegetables stir-fried with sliced pork) Teishoku, Saba Shioyaki (Salt-grilled mackerel) Teishoku and Hitsumabushi (Premium eel on rice with dashi broth) Teishoku.

Shabu Shabu GYU JIN


Founded in Tokyo in 1970, Shabu Shabu GYU JIN is a shabu shabu buffet restaurant that serves the highest ranked A-5 Wagyu from Japan, as well as quality Australian Wagyu. The brand’s operating company Heijouen has a long track record in procuring quality meat in Japan, which enables the restaurant to serve premium meat in Singapore at reasonable prices. With existing outlets in Japan, Hong Kong and China, the restaurant will serve items that are exclusive to its outlet in Singapore.


Yakiniku Heijoen


Yakiniku Heijoen is a long-established barbecue restaurant with a strong passion for Japanese Wagyu. Yakiniku Heijoen procures only top quality kuroge wagyu from all over Japan. The meat is aged till tender to bring out a deeper flavour of the beef. The preparation technique and original sauce that has been developed throughout the brand’s history continues to satisfy gourmands all around.

Itadakimasu is located at 100 Tras Street, 100 AM, #03-10 to 15 and #03-K1, Singapore 079027. The multi-restaurant dining destination will open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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