Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 – Revenge of Baltan

Singaporean parents are always wondering how to spend time meaningfully with their children during the December school holidays. Why not, take the family on a quick getaway trip to Resorts World Genting, where action meets entertainment? Fans of Ultraman will be thrilled to know that the superheroes will soon be battling the dark forces in an all-new exclusive show – ‘The Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 – Revenge of Baltan’. Ultraman and his comrades will face off Baltan and the dark warriors, Chaos Ultraman Calamity.

All crew members are from Japan and the high-tech stagecraft and thrilling action scenes promises to deliver an energetic show. Ultraman Live is part of Resorts World Genting’s family-oriented events as it promotes positive values, such as togetherness and heroism. The show is also entirely storyboarded and produced by Tsuburaya Productions Japan uniquely for Resorts World Genting.
Date and time: 7 Dec 2016 – 2 Jan 2017, 4pm & 8pm
Price: $22 – $35
Venue: Genting International Showroom, Resorts World Genting
Suitable for: Children aged three and above
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