Cultivating Essential Habits From Young

In our fast-changing world, parents will most likely be more hands-on when inculcating life-long learning skills to their children. Due to the unpredictability of the future, preparing kids for a dynamic world is of great importance. This would require a radical approach from parents to help their child be more adaptable and prepared for the change.
Here’s how parents can impart essential skills to their kids that will allow them to live, work and play in an ever-changing environment:


It’s a big world out there. Fostering the inquisitive nature of a child is a natural progression of learning and the first step in learning is by asking questions. Parents can help to encourage this learning development through the use of modelling. Whenever you and your child encounter something new such as an event or object, ask and explore a range of possible answers together. When they do ask questions, reward the child to make them feel at ease. What this does is to encourage them to ask questions and nurture a desire to constantly find out more about things. Remember: No question is a stupid question.


Solving problems may sometimes be intimidating for a developing mind but a child will have to face challenges eventually. Easing into a new development, picking up a skill, or even playing can present different complexities. Parents can start by exposing their children to a simple problem and allowing them free rein to find a solution on their own. Let them feel their way around the problems and reward them accordingly.
By taking a step back and enabling your kid to overcome the obstacles on his own, the child will gain the confidence to develop his decision-making skills.


Empathy is an essential trait for kids to pick up, as everyone needs to work well with others and be able to care for people other than themselves How parents can get their child to show compassion is by demonstrating kindness to their child at all times. Show them that the true nature of empathy is to ask how they think others might feel. Illustrate the need to show benevolence towards others even if it’s just a small gesture. The happiness they give to others can make them happy in return. Often, we can come into contact with people who are different from us. Expose your kids to different races and cultures to let them know it is fine to be different. It’s something to celebrate and it’s what makes life colourful!


You know when they say, “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Children will have to grow up at some point and trying to keep them on a leash would not be beneficial. Kids should be taught at a young age to be able to stand on their own two feet. This is best achieved at a steady pace and encouragement should be given to them as they try to do things on their own. By letting them taste success and learn to handle failures, they will cultivate the independent streak and be less inclined to ask someone to tell them what to do. This freedom allows them to figure out their direction in life on their own terms. Teach them how to do it, encourage and help them while giving them the space to be self-sufficient.


Being able to deal with a rapidly changing world will provide a competitive advantage for a growing child. Rigidity is certainly not useful when it comes to our ever-changing environment. Life is, after all, an exciting adventure, so make it a priority to tell them that embracing new opportunities is the way forward. There will be times when things go wrong or turn out differently so let them know it’s fine when their plans go a little sideways; change is a big part of being successful.
As parents, we may not be able to impart every adaptable skill to our children. But we can stand by them in good stead to handle the rigours of life- they might even be coming up to us 20 years down the road and thank us for readying them to face the future.
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