Singapore Wake Park Brings Ripples Of Excitement For The Young

Start your adrenaline going at Singapore Wave Park located at East Coast Park. Ideal for families, this is the newest aquatic playground to hit Singapore. Singapore Wave Park is set to please both thrill seekers and newcomers with its array of cable-skiing activities. Visitors can now partake in wake-boarding, knee-boarding, water-skiing and many more hours of water-based fun. This school holidays, children can now look forward to endless amusement on the water.
singapore wake park beginners

The new cable-ski facility at East Coast Park now features three state-of-the-art cable systems. This include two System 2.0s designed for beginners. Experienced wakeboard enthusiasts will love the full-size cable system all in an enclosed body of water. The System 2.0 features a two-tower system that is especially well-suited to novices. Only one rider  is allowed at a single time, thus allowing the instructor to focus fully on the individual.
It’s gentle increase in speed from 0 km/h to 25 km/h allows riders to anticipate the pull of the cable.  They are also able to take control manually to allow for any number of personalised adjustments. The System 2.0 is also safe and easy to use, making it friendly for children as young as six years old. Singapore Wave Park will provide introductory sessions for children and beginners so parents can feel at ease.

singapore wave park happy child
Children are incredibly fast learners so having them on a wakeboard will encourage them to take up exercise early. Watch them take to the water as they soak in a new, entertaining experience. With this many benefits for the young, parents are likely to make Singapore Wake Park a fun pitstop for their little ones. The launch of the new Cafe and Bar Coastal Rhythm, this will be great spot for families to unwind. A great family choice is the beach breakfast or opt for coastal treats such as otah and chips and nanyang hor fun. This inviting casual spot serves as a great hangout for the whole family.
singapore wave park coastal rhythm
In addition to wake boarding riders can either kneeboard or cable-ski. There’s a myriad of options based on skill level and personal preferences. This many aquatic thrills is sure to bring a big smile to young faces and the whole family. This is on top of the benefits of wake boarding for a growing child which includes:

Increase fitness

Arm and leg muscles are strengthened through wake boarding. The act of flexing and holding positions for periods at a time ensures flexibility in the arms and legs too.

Developing hand-eye coordination

Stability and balance is the cornerstone of a successful wake boarding session. This is a sport requiring fast hand switches, rotations, and jumps. All of this actions require quick reaction times which can improve hand-eye coordination and balance.

Refreshes the mind

The surge in adrenaline while engaging in physical activity should be enough to distract from daily stresses. All the release by having fun on the water can contribute to a child’s overall happiness.

Help kids become more social

Wake boarding offers a healthy opportunity for a family to strengthen its bond. Moreover, it’s a great way of making friends and meeting some new people.

Improving mental and physical health

Studies show that outdoor physical activity had a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health. Exercise in the great outdoors has often been associated with a decrease in tension. There is also the added benefit of a Vitamin D boost while out on the water.
singapore wave park cable ski
Park rates start from $40 for 1 hour access on Weekdays. On weekends the rate is $60 for an hour.  All daily rates can be found here. From 7 to 30 Nov, if you bring a friend only 1 of you needs to pay. This promotion is valid on weekdays for 1-hour passes only. Other terms and conditions apply.
Singapore Wake Park
1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891. Tel: 6636 4266
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