The Art of Coding For Kids

With the Smart Nation initiative now Singapore’s national effort, coding skills are becoming increasingly valuable. In order to co-create a future of better living for all, tech-enabled solutions are the key. Everything around us “that functions” has some type of code behind it. Coding (a.k.a. programming) is in fact all around us. It’s now a playground for all the cool kids. Coding for kids is becoming increasingly popular and it’s time for the newest pint-sized coders to shine.
coding for kids
Parents can be safe in the knowledge that kids who can grasp basic reading skills can also understand the basics of coding. The fundamentals of thinking and planning in order to make things happen is the purpose of coding. Children will have plenty of fun creating applications such as interactive games, quizzes and animations. Learning programming empowers them. It gives them the tools to express themselves in the most creative ways. From the ages of 5-6, children start making logical connections. Therefore their minds are stretched  and creates a way of thinking about things. A helpful start for their overall development. Best of all there Coding for Kids introduces loads of fun.
Now your child can start their coding journey at Coding Lab. The tailor-made curriculum are based on a mixture of world-renowned coding programs (Eg. Scratch by MIT, Stencyl etc). Coding Lab offers an extensive range of programs that provides students with a vital headstart in life. This November and December holidays, let your child experience the joys of coding. Watch them grow into Smart Kids.

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Nov/Dec Holiday Coding Workshops

Unlock your child’s logical thinking and give them a headstart in Coding with Coding Lab’s exciting workshops for Ages 4-12. Their highly-rated MIT-inspired curriculum, small class sizes and dedicated MOE qualified teachers will have your child coding in no time!

Come experience their Flagship Full-Day Code x Tinker Camps & 5 Half-Day Intensive Camps; let your preschooler learn logical thinking by re-enacting their favourite Nursery Rhymes, or put on your child’s Magical Hat at their popular Art x Coding Abrakadabra! Magical Camp.
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