Boredom Busting Play For Kids

Children are born to play, feel and create. They are tactile by nature and relish having fun. At times they might complain “I’m Bored!”. If seeing your child listless spurs you to lavish them attention, put some cheer into their childhood. The best part is youd kids can engage in indoor play even if it’s raining. Here are the top boredom busting play activities to keep your kids amuse for hours:

Crafting Rainbow Toasts

boredom busting play edible painting
Introduce colour into their eating habits with edible paints. Mix milk and food colouring to create a colour palette.  Use bread as a canvas and unleash their creativity. Pop the bread art into the oven for a snack in between painting. This is one of the tastiest boredom busting play they will ever experience.
Opt for these preservative-free edible liquid colours here.

Fireworks In A Jar


With the food colouring you already have, it’s time to create liquid fireworks. You only need two more household ingredients which are warm water and oil (vegetable or olive). It’s amazing how the colour patterns form and this will have your child mesmerised for hours. There’s a science behind this remarkable effect and a great chemistry lesson for your child. Read how it works here.

Chinese Lantern Making


Chinese paper lanterns are a Chinese New Year tradition yet it’s great all year round.  It’s simple arts and crafts to bring a smile to your child’s face. They get to choose their favourite colours too. It’s really child’s play. The finished lanterns can be used to decorate the child’s bedroom.

Flight School

boredom busting play paper aeroplanes
Get their imagination flying with the use of paper planes and a rewards system. Cut holes in a piece of poster board and assign a point value to each. Ensure the poster is stable and fastened to a table. Let your child send those paper airplanes soaring! Let your child tally his or her final score and reward them. Get the full tutorial here.