AkzoNobel Unveils Stylish Colours To Enliven Your Home

AkzoNobel is regarded as one of the world’s leading paint and coating companies. The manufacturer of Dulux paints recently announced Denim Drift as the Colour Of The year 2017.  AkzoNobel also launched several new innovations to is product line. This include the Dulux Colour Play testers, the new Dulux Ambiance Special effect and an updated version of the Dulux Visualizer app. Ideal to spruce up and illuminate any living space, your home will be awash with radiance.
akzonobel denim drift interior

Colour Of The Year – Denim Drift

AkzoNobel’s overriding theme of the year is knwon as ColourFutures 2017: Life In A New Light”. This has influenced the colour trends of the year with Denim Drift being the must have colour in 2017. Denim Drift is a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that fits into all life and interior styles. It’s the perfect choice for reflecting Dulux’s new perspective for 2017. It consists of a calming palette of restful blue shades. This reminds us to find relaxation in the ever increasingly hectic lives saturated by technology.
akzonobel denim drift interior
akzonobel denim drift study room
akzonobel denim drift living room
To complement the Colour Of TheYear, AkzoNobel has developed four trend palettes featuring tonal blue shades. These colours have the ability to change the mood of a room or space. These colours include:
New Romanticism: Its boho chic colours immerses you in the natural world and transforms your home with a creative flair.
Shared Indiviualism: The playful colour palette aims to create a shared space. where individuals will still be able to express themselves.
The Working Home: This fluid arrangement of colours is suited for homes that are SOHO. This helps to create different zones for work and play.
Considered Luxury: Softer colours offer a subtler form of luxury that stimulate the senses.

Dulux Colour Play Tester

Launched exclusively in Singapore, AkzoNobel’s Dulux Color Play tester is an innovative product in its lineup. It is a palm-sized paint tester that’s integrated with an easy to use mini-roller. Consumers are now able to test colours on their walls before deciding their desired option. This ensures a first-hand look at their chosen colours in their home environment. It does instil a bit of fun into your colour selection. Great for the whole family to mix and match colours in the comforts of home. Find out more about the Colour Play Testers at www.dulux.com.sg/colourtools. To purchase them, just visit www.lazada.sg to get your dream colour today.
akzomobel color play tester

Dulux Ambiance ColorMotion

Unique shades and effects can now be achieved with the new Ambiance ColourMotion. This is a premium special effects series that captivate the senses. When viewed from different angles, your wall will illuminate with a depth of unrivalled colours. Personalising the home in your favourite hues is now effortless. It is specially formulated with Paint Happy Technology to minimise discomfort from paint smell during painting, for instant room enjoyment. The kids will be captivated if you so decide to sprinkle their rooms with the ever-changing vividness of Dulux Ambiance ColorMotion.
akzonobel ambiance color motion
akzonobel ambiance colormotion angle

Dulux Visualizer 3.0

Using cutting-edge technology, this app helps consumers see, share and paint their chosen colours in real time. Experimenting colours is now easy for consumers. First, they can just take a video of their wall. Next, they use the Colour Picker Technology to instantly match their desired colour to try it out. The new version of the Visualizer app has added additional features to help consumers with their purchases. After finding the colour they love, they can get a second opinion from family and friends via social media. Now they can even buy the paint with the handy store locator function.

akzonobel visualizer app


Now available in Singapore, Hammerite is a range of paints and rust treatments. Convenient to use, it rejuvenates metal. Hammerite Direct To Rust Metal Paint now features stronger protection against rust. By repelling water, it limits surface damage stopping rust from forming. The anti-corrosion formulation also keeps metal finishings stronger for longer.

akzonobel hammertime paint on rust