Brain Boosting Foods To Sharpen Young Minds

Honing the mind is essential to prepare your child for the busy exam period. Nourishing the brain will help boost memory as well as cognitive functions. They do encourage blood flow which in turn will promote alertness. For young, bright minds, the proof is certainly in the food they eat. In addition to improving brain well-being, brain boosting foods can curb an anxious mood.
brain boosting food

Here are Brain Boosting Foods that will help your child to top their exams:


Natural Health Food Supplements

Exams are the stressful moments the young often face. It’s time to banish the anxiety by introducing natural health food supplements in their diet. They aid in improving memory, mood, clarity and focus. This will give the mental edge to children and will be most useful during what are stressful exams.
Eu Yan Sang’s Power Up! Essence of Chicken Series
This is a special formulation for children to strengthen mental ability. It is also beneficial for preparing the body and mind for challenges. For exam success, getting enough sleep is also important. Eu Yan Sang’s Power Up! Essence of Chicken promotes quality sleep so your child can be at their brightest. Parents can also benefit from the energy boost provided by Eu Yan Sang’s Power Up! Essence of Chicken. It’s the perfect remedy for parents who are busy preparing their child for the exams.
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The fiber-rich compounds in oatmeal keeps the arteries in the brain clear. Studies have shown that children on a diet of oatmeal did well on memory-related tasks. It offers brain longevity and is beneficial for retaining information.
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The Omega-3 in fish serves as a protector of the brain and helps kids focus better. Overall brain health is enhanced as the fatty acids of Omega-3 makes fish ranks as brain boosting foods. Salmon, tuna, and sardines have the most Omega-3 content. Make bite-sized tuna sandwiches a staple in your child’s diet and reap the benefits.

Apples and Plums

Kids are often attracted to sweet food. Opt for apples and plums as replacements to improve their cognitive performance. The compound quercetin in apples boost overall mental health. Apples also have high levels of acetylcholine which promotes sensory perception and is known to reduce anxiety. Daily consumption of plums may support the healthy operating of the brain, enhancing memory.
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