Best Exam Preparation Methods For Kids

The Year End Exams period can be an anxiety-filled one for both parents and their children. Having the best exam preparation is half the battle won. Pursuing academic excellence is foremost on the minds of every parent and there’s many ways to attain success for their child. Equally important is that the child develops at her own pace, maintaining that healthy balance of hard work and play.
best exam preparation methods

Here are the Best Exam Preparation Methods To Ace The Exams:


Positive Thinking

Dreading the day of the exams is something that every student faces. Turning that into a positive by banishing negative thoughts ever so slightly can do wonders. Parents can reinforce in their child that every one has to sit for exams. It’s actually nothing out of the ordinary. Introducing a little humour could also help to alleviate their tension.

Form A Revision Group

When faced with complex problems, a child may sometimes get frustrated and discouraged. Letting your little one form a support system for help is recommended. Even if the group does not solve all the problems, they are there to motivate as more heads are better than one. Seeking assistance from their peers also ensures that the stronger students can mentor the weaker ones.

Instil Fun

While your child might be knee-deep in preparing for the exams, remember to let them unwind. The balance between studies and play will help relax the mind. Ensure that your children have sufficient rest in between study sessions. Let them indulge in their favourite activity. Do exercises with your child as it enhances memory and thinking skills. Sharp minds translate into better concentration which is key to academic success.
best exam preparation family games

Get Organised

Cramming is never a good idea before any exam paper.  Instead a systematic approach which includes periodic revision is much more effective. Help your child remember key facts and equations, not a full review of the subject. This should take about 10-15 minutes. Optimal revision time for students are known to be:

  • 1 day after learning the new information
  • 3 days after the first revision
  • 7 days after the second revision
  • 21 days after the third revision

This periodic revision can help to move information from short-term to long-term. This revision strategy actually maximises efficiency.

Putting A Stop To Multi-Tasking

The way to becoming a Straight A Student is to focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is inherent in the Singapore student but it’s actually not productive. The act of watching a Youtube video, writing an essay, playing games and solving a Math problem is actually a no no. We may think we can do all those at the same time but this actually puts a strain on the brain. Parents can do their part by making study areas as distraction-free as possible for their child. This interruption-free study sessions are most helpful for them to focus.