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Building Firm Foundations


Agape Little Uni helps little learners build firm foundations through character development

All parents, brought about by unconditional love, want the best for their children.
To build a firm foundation for your tiny tot to prepare him for success in life, look up to Agape Little Uni as it aims to lead him in that direction as his early years slowly begin.
This premium infant care and child care centre believes in nurturing children by fostering strong values through character development.
They want to work on the child from inside out.
Agape hopes to help every child grow into a loving person who is kind and who loves himself, others and everything he does.
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The Right Values

If you share these ideals for your child, then Agape Little Uni is the right place for your Junior to grow.
* He will learn to LOVE himself as it becomes the core foundation of his being.
* With love , he develops WISDOM and grows up with a hunger for knowledge he is yet to discover in this world thus also learns to discern what is right and wrong.
* With wisdom he  learns to do things with INTEGRITY  as he seeks to live an honest life.
* With integrity he develops the DISCIPLINE and the tenacity to withstand the odds in order to pursue his dreams.
* The firm discipline he would have would contribute to his PASSION in the way he does things in life as he would not settle for mediocrity.
Agape, in its name itself, means unconditional love in Greek. The centre’s approach and curriculum is rooted in this ultimate kind of love not only to their children but also to their staff.
The centre features an inquiry-based learning curriculum which provides little ones with balanced opportunities to be independent learners, cooperative partners to others and responsible inquirers.
Founded in 1995, Agape Little Uni offers an infant & toddler programme, as well as a preschool and student care programme. With 9 branches islandwide, you can easily find one close to your home.
The Agape centres are also under the Partner Operator Scheme of Singapore that supports child care operators to keep fees more affordable with government subsidies, build capabilities to raise quality and improve career prospects for early childhood. The centres have a special POP childcare fee of $800 SGD before GST.
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