Tips to Create A Stress-Free PSLE Exams Period

With the PLSE exams fast approaching, parents often find themselves being anxious for their children. For some, the PSLE period from Sept 29 to Oct 4 can introduce stress. Parents can do their part by creating a calmer environment and this starts at home. The goal is to achieve a stress-free PSLE exams by helping the child relax.
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Here are some handy tips to help your child cope with the PSLE exams period:


Good Nutrition

An important aspect of academic success is good nutrition. A hungry child is one who can’t study effectively so set your child on the road to success with healthy snacks. Opt for apples, peanut batter sandwiches and vegetables such as carrots sticks with dips. Most important of all, ensure your child is well hydrated.
stress free psle exams healthy snacks

Be Their Pillar Of Support

With a big exam coming up, sometimes the whole family should gather together to show support. Cut them a little slack during the exam period to avoid additional stress on the child. Look out for signs of frustration and encourage them regularly. Listen to their fears and try not to compare them to their peers. When their stress levels are low, they absorb information better.

Restful Sleep

Poor sleep has an effect on cognitive function. It’s therefore crucial that your child gets a good night’s shut eye. A least 8 hours of sleep each night should be sufficient to recharge their batteries. This is most important the night preceding the exam. Often their anxious thoughts about coping with exams can follow them to bed. Help your child unwind with music or get them to slumber with storytelling.
stress free psle exams restful sleep

Set A Flexible Routine

Study time should come with lots of little breaks in between. These little spans of downtime is beneficial for the mind and can be a much needed mood boost. For example, a period of 40-50 mins of study should be accompanied by a ten minute break. Let them go for a short nap or some play time if they so desire. This will help to stifle boredom and allow them to be less anxious about their upcoming PSLE exams.

Have Realistic Goals

Helping your child to identify his strengths and interests. This reinforces their confidence and self-esteem. Teach them that success and failure should be taken even handedly and both are important. Once an exam paper is over, help your child to move on to the next. The long term aim is to allow the child to flourish to the best of his or her abilities.
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