Dangers of Camphor Oil For Pregnant Mums and Children

Camphor oil is a common ingredient found in some of the most innocuous substances at home. It’s commonly found in muscle rubs and decongestants. While Camphor has been used in Chinese medicine, precautions have to be made when handling or using it.
dangers camphor oil
For Pregnant mums, there is a hazard of camphor oil being absorbed through the skin. Camphor-containing products can also be fatal in doses of less than 1 teaspoon. Symptoms can emerge in less than 10 minutes. This is hazardous for children. Camphor oil is found in Tiger Balm, Vicks VapoRub, various muscle rubs and moth balls. Therefore, it’s a must to keep these items away from children. Here’s are a list of the harmful effects of Camphor Oil:

Birth Defect

The poisons in the oil of camphor can be transmitted through the skin, making it hazardous for pregnant women. Camphor can transfer through the placenta to the fetus, resulting in birth defects and stillborn births. This can even happen if the camphor is just inhaled.

Camphor Oil Poisoning

Even a tiny amount of camphor is dangerous to a toddler. It can cause respiratory failure within minutes. Look our for these signs if you suspect camphor poisoning in your child:

  • hyperactivity and restlessness
  • blue lips and mouth
  • seizures

Irregardless of the amount and volume involved, CALL 995  (emergency ambulance) immediately to get urgent medical attention at your nearest hospital.

Respiratory Disease

Exposure to camphor can cause respiration distress. It’s best to completely avoid the use of camphor on children. As it causes chest congestion and sudden respiratory arrest, spare your child from the ill effects of camphor.

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