Zika Virus Infection – A Pregnant Mums Guide

With 41 confirmed Zika infections in Singapore, there is an urgent need for pregnant mums to recognise the dangers of this disease. Zika is transmitted from human to human via the bite of the Aedes Mosquito. There is currently no known vaccine or treatment. While symptoms of contracting Zika can be mild, there is a high risk of the development of microcephaly in the foetus.
zika virus aedes mosquito

The Dangers of Microcephaly To Your Foetus:

  • Very small  head
  • Difficulty feeding
  • High pitched crying
  • Fits
  • Stiffness of arms and legs
  • Developmental delays and disabilities

Due to the seriousness of Microcephaly,  pregnant mums should be vigilant and look out for the symptoms of Zika infection.

Key Symptoms of Zika Virus Infection:

  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Joint pains, muscle pain, headache
  • Conjunctivitis (red eyes)

If you develop these symptoms within 2 weeks after traveling to any Zika reported areas, please check with your GP or health-care professional. Some of us may have milder symptoms so it’s best to get tested quickly for Zika infection.
For more information on the Zika Virus, find out here.
Preventing the spread of  Zika is therefore crucial and there are ways to combat this affliction. Since Zika is chiefly spread by the Aedes mosquito, stopping the proliferation of these pests should be a priority.

Protect Yourself By Following These 6 Easy Steps:

zika virus prevention

Recommended Insect Repellant:

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zika virus twinkle baby mosquito repellant

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Zika virus infection is still known to be a vector-borne disease, so pregnant mums should avoid hot spots such as the Aljunied area. So far, this cluster has the highest number of cases. A calm, cautionary approach is advised when dealing with Zika to ensure your safety and that of your unborn child.