8 useful apps to record growth and milestones

It is every parent’s desire to be there at each of their child’s milestones. Just like Pokemon Go, the novelty of apps gaming or otherwise has a positive impact on our lives. With these 8 useful apps, you can record and keep track of your child’s growth with just a few clicks on your phone!


Bambio is a baby journal app that allows you to record the development of your child. It has an intuitive interface and a clear format for easy use. You can also share your recordings via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
8 useful apps bambio


Although it is not specially designed for parents, TimeHop is a great app that throws back to old photos from your camera roll and social media apps. It functions like a time capsule that allows you to view a collection of photos taken on the same day from past years.
8 useful apps timehop

Tiny Beans

Another baby journal app, Tiny Beans allows you to record photos, videos and notes of your child in a calendar view. For all mothers-to-be, this app will also be useful in the creation of a pregnancy journal.
8 useful apps tiny beans

First Year

An app that accompanies parents through their newborn’s first year, it allows for easy recording of activities like feeding, diaper changes and even doctor appointments. You can also transform these recordings into a scrapbook or a journal.
8 useful apps first year

Baby Food Allergy Tracker

This app will be useful for parents to record the food that their children have been eating and to observe for possible allergies. There are 3 lists for you to track- untried food, tried food and reaction.
8 useful apps baby food tracker

Sprout Baby

This app allows for easy recording of baby activities such as sleeping, feeding and diaper change. The unique feature of this app is the multi-user share mode, which allows for the synchronisation of information across multiple devices. You can now share the information with your other half, parents and babysitter!
8 useful apps sprout baby

Peekaboo Moments

Peekaboo Moments is a photo journal app, which curates and allows you to browse photos based on your baby’s age. These photos are also accessible both on the mobile app and on the web.
8 useful apps peekaboo moments

Moment Garden

An app that allows you to create a photo book and share it with your loved ones. What is special about the app is that only friends that are invited into your ‘garden’ can view or add photos and memories to your ‘garden’.
Click on and store your memories away!
8 useful apps moment garden