Singaporean Blogger Mums That You Should Follow

Blogging was in the trend in the 2000s and it takes the form of an online diary where people record their daily happenings, share their feelings and thoughts and of course, upload photos and personal profiles. Some people were able to create a personality and became really famous because of their blogs. The high readership and followers lead to advertisements and sponsors streaming in, so blogging can actually become a legitimate job. Blogger mums have certainly taken the blogosphere by storm.
blogger mum cool
Of course, it is not easy to establish a blog with many followers, as the content has to be unique and outstanding enough. Here is a list of Singaporean blogger mums who have made it big with their blogs and you should follow them if you want to get some parenting tips, reviews of places to go and products to use, or just to have a look at cute babies and kids!

Xia Xue

Probably the first name that comes to mind when you think about famous blogger mums. Xiaxue, real name Wendy Cheng, started blogging in 2003. Her blogging style is considered provocative, as she is straightforward and honest about her views with regards to controversial topics. Keeping things real and unpretentious, she blogs about her experiences, personal life, fashion, beauty and parenting after she gives birth to her child, Dashiel. She also has her youtube channel called Xiaxue’s Guide to Life.
blogger mums xiaxue

Tammy Tay

Tammy Tay started blogging in 2006 and started her own blogshop, also named ohsofickle, in 2007. Her pregnancy with her first child came as a surprise to many readers as she revealed that she was prepared to be a single mum. She gave birth to her second child, Ellie, this year.
blogger mums tammy tay

Diah Mastura

Also a mum blogger who owns an online store StudioFrost, Diah is the mum of three girls and a newborn that was delivered just last week! She blogs about her family (her kids especially), and shares in detail about her pregnancy and delivery process. Her blogging style is straightforward and fuss-free, making it easy and enjoyable to read.
blogger mums diah mastura

Angeline Yeh

When you see Angeline, you wouldn’t think she’s in the typical group of blogger mums. She bounces back to pre-pregnancy body almost immediately and shares many cute mother and daughter moments and pictures on her social media and blog.
blogger mums angeline yeh


Real name Qiu Ting, QiuQiu started blogging and prides herself as a ‘budget barbie’. She believes in sourcing for the best and nicest things at the lowest price (sounds like everyone’s ideal). She is the mother of Meredith, a cute baby girl that is featured a lot on her instagram page.
blogger mums qiu qiu


Yann started blogging since 2003 and her ‘About Me’ page is full of hilarity and fun. She blogs about her experiences of being a parent and records events such as her child’s birth story, diaper changing experiences and some tips to help other mummies out there.
blogger mums yann


Daphne is the proud mother of 4 kids. She posts many pictures of her kids ranging from everyday happenings at the playground, eating to photoshoots where she dresses them up.
blogger mums daphne


Summer used to have big dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or a boss. Now, she is a stay-home-mum who believes that watching her children grow up happy and being there for them during their childhood are the most priceless and valuable things in life. She started her blog to record the times spent with her children and to share her favourite DIY crafts.
blogger mums summer


Madeline is a research psychologist with a passion for children. Her first child was born in 2010 and the second in 2013. Topics that she blog about include nursing rooms in Singapore and overseas for breastfeeding mums, travelling, paediatric cancer research, working mum, birthday parties, and basically everything about being a mum.
blogger mums madeline


As seen from the name of her blog, Ruth is a cafe lover who enjoys hanging out at cafes with her friends and family to chat over coffee and food. She blogs about heartfelt topics such as friendships and shares her reviews about food and cafes.
blogger mummy ruth