Baby Bump Selfies Trending Big

Ever since a heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian rocked the world on Instagram, baby bump selfies have become one of the fastest growing online activity. Some have knocked the trend as being a form of prenatal exhibitionism. Yet expectant mums all over the world are posting their baby bump shots online.
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Influenced by Celebrity Mum Anne Hathaway

Many are now jumping on the baby bump selfie bandwagon of prominent figures such as Anne Hathaway and Behati Prinsloo, wife of Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. Accelerated by the sharing nature of Facebook and Instagram, this glowing form of self-expression shows no sign of fatigue. In fact, mums to be are shedding their inhibitions in proudly showing off their burgeoning bellies. Despite any hang-ups about body image, the very act of sharing those intimate moments are a reflection of their positive self-esteem.
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The Popularity Of Pregnancy Selfies

Just like photos of cute babies and pets, our social media feeds could soon see a saturation of baby bump selfies. Taking a selfie to document the joys of motherhood can actually be a most beautiful thing.
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If you are one of the growing number of mums who have no qualms about publicising your pregnancy, there is an element of empowerment. Pregnancy has always been a motivation for mums to gain status. The celebrity culture has indeed shown in the past few years to be fuelling this fad. With the prevalence of social media, mums are now crafting their own version of celebrity with outward displays of their pregnancy.
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Baby Bump Selfies Here To Stay!

There are those who suggest that baby bump selfies are feeding a narcissistic society but isn’t impending motherhood supposed to be cherished. While there are some mums not inclined to show they’re preggers, there are those who want to forge emotional connection with loved ones. Pregnancy selfies are fast becoming the norm, reminding us it’s okay to have some fun with your bump.