Top Tips To Reduce Parenting Stress

Parenting is a family commitment that often stretches the emotional and physical well-being of parents. From juggling work responsibility, household chores and raising children, parenting stress can often emerge under the strain of numerous demands.
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Studies show that parents who report higher levels of parenting stress are more likely to be harsh and negative in their interactions with their child.  The consequence is a decline in the health of the bond between parent and child. Feeding, discipline and handling children with disabilities or mild behavioural problems are often stress activators that impact a parent. Moreover marital strife and financial difficulties can creep in to add an extra burden. As a parent, stress may never be eliminated entirely but that does not mean you are powerless.
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Here are some useful tips to reduce your parenting stress levels:

  1. Seek Familial Support Systems

    Extended family members are an important avenue to reduce parental stress. Reach out to them to assess their availability to take over childcare duties for a few hours a week. This will allow parents to have a rest period to re-charge and this self-care can do wonders to your stress levels. Additionally good support systems can often be a useful resource for coping with being a parent. Being empowered by advice and parenting experiences from family can make the transition to being a parent smoother.

  1. Use alone time by indulging in aromatherapy.

    Essential oils are known for relieving stress by keeping you comfortable and providing balance to the mind as well as the body. Just breathing in the aromatic scent can help to change focus and provide an aura of calm. For mums, Try the Twinkle Mum Stress Relief Roll On and get started on the path of tranquility.
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  1. Adopt a stress-busting lifestyle

    Exercise can be a great outlet as a healthy mind and body reacts better to stress. Reduce your anxiety today by going for a jog or walk and have your children be part of the outdoor routine. What better than to strengthen the parent-child relationship by spending time together in a fun and healthy inclusive activity. Best of all these happy diversions from stress are FREE!

  1. Surround yourself with positive thinking

    Positivity does the exact opposite of negative thoughts by implanting by inducing good vibes into our system. Engage in pleasant social interactions with your children and aim to show physical affection towards them. Stress will be somewhat deactivated when reminiscing over happy memories, sharing funny moments and hearing uplifting stories. The power of positive thoughts is known to keep parenting stress at bay.

  1. Cut yourself some slack

    Many of us have the notion of being model parents and that expectation can be a burden for most. Allow yourself to say your best is good enough and don’t be pressured into perfection. Dial down the apprehension of being faultless all of the time by not judging yourself too harshly. Everyone deserves a peace of mind and if that means delaying the tackling of dirty dishes for a day, then so be it.

The ability of parents to manage their own stress is one of the most powerful predictor of their kids’ well-being.  Use the pointers mentioned to keep your stress to a minimum.
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