7 Floral Party Inspirations for Your Princess

Treat your princess to a colourful floral-themed party on her birthday! Flowers are perfect motifs for little girls with their dainty petals and delicate aroma. You can easily find cheap flowers to use as decoration, party giveaways, or accessories. You can even level up your game by doing away with a generic flower theme and opting for more creative party ideas which incorporate florals into the overall party motif. Here are a few fun floral party inspirations to consider for your little girl’s upcoming bash!

  • Alice in Wonderland
    A tea party motif is bursting with pretty pastel flowers as centrepieces. To give a touch of quirk to the party, go mad as a Hatter with an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme instead. There are plenty of DIY Alice in Wonderland tricks you can employ to spark your little girl’s imagination. Vintage tea sets would look great on table arrangements with carnations and chrysanthemums in tea cups or pitchers as centrepieces. You can serve nibbles in the shape of a suit of cards in keeping with the party theme.

Floral Party Magical Woodland

  • Magical Fairy Woodland
    Make your little girl truly feel like a princess by mounting a fairy-themed party. Surround the area with all sorts of colourful blooms and foliage, maybe even an arch by the entrance. You can make DIY wings for the guests before they enter the venue. Go crazy with the glitters on décor.

floral party alice in wonderland

  • Enchanted Forest
    Sans the glitter, a more whimsical version of the garden party is the enchanted forest. Channel all those magical forests right out of the world of Disney princesses to make your own princess feel extra special. Cakes, crowns, and flower bundles perfectly complement this theme. Little girls can come in their best princess gowns with big pastel flower crowns!

Floral Party Enchanted Forest

  • Coachella-Inspired Party
    For the first few years of your little girl, grown-up guests likely outnumber the kids. Hence, to make it interesting not only for the baby but for the parents as well, a floral theme you can utilise is one in the vein of musical festivals. For a Coachella-inspired party, guests can channel their inner gypsy by donning boho chic outfits, flower crowns, and flash tattoos. Rainbow-coloured treats can be part of your party spread.

Floral Party Coachella

  • Garden Picnic
    For a laid-back floral party inspiration, a Garden Picnic theme does the trick. It can be easily set up in your backyard. You can spread plaid cloths on the grass or use it to cover the tables for guests or lay mats on the grass floor. Food can be placed on baskets or victorian glassware. Choose a suitable colour theme to go along with the garden vibes! You can also make your own flower crowns for the party attendees to wear. To complement the garden theme, you can create simple flower arrangements from gerbera daisies and place them onto plastic jars. At the end of the party, you can even add a ribbon to it and serve those as party giveaways. Voila!

Floral Party Garden Picnic

  • Summer Bash
    Another simple backyard set up for a birthday party is the Summer Bash theme. Summer brings to mind sunshine, singing birds, buzzing bees, and flowers in full bloom. Serve edible flower popsicles or lemonade to help guests beat the heat. To give your guests a sneak peak of your backyard party or your homely living room decor, hang a floral wreath at the your door to spread the positive summer vibes!

Floral Party Summer Bash

  • Sephora Madness
    If your princess is evolving into a teenager, this theme would be the perfect for her. Especially if she knows the difference between Kat Von D’s lipstick and Givenchy’s just by a swatch on your hand. While pink and red can be bolder colour to stand out from the black and white monochrome tones, bright and bold flowers are the key to make the party stand out!

Floral Party Theme