Our guide to remembering the firsts of everything.

Your baby’s firsts are important, and if you haven’t had a thought to record them all, let a milestone diary be also your first.
With technology so readily available, immortalising every deserving moment is literally at the gesture of a finger. Besides, keeping a personal remembrance of your child (fact: they’re the best) saves you the embarrassment of not being that friend on Facebook.
1. Facebook

ways to document baby milestones
A dedicated facebook account for progress updates at a touch of a button.

Since everyone’s on Facebook already, why not open a private account for your baby. Facebook already has the milestones feature integrated into the app and you can upload multimedia files to mark significant occasions on a timeline. Choose who you want to view these updates by inviting friends to the profile. This also gives your friends and relatives the chance to interact with your baby’s progress by tagging, commenting and reacting to posts. You can also limit the people who are able to view your child’s images and what can and can’t be shared by checking the privacy settings of the profile. When your child’s old enough, you can pass on the log in details so they can look back at their progress themselves.
2. Instagram
 ways to document baby milestones
Capture a moment by video or photo by Instagram .

Another ubiquitous social media platform is Instagram. For a more visual and minimalist record of your baby’s milestones, set up a dedicated account. There’s still room for some creativity when posting updates too, by choosing an animated image, still, or video to capture a moment.
3. Smartphone
ways to document baby milestones
Keep track of everything in one place with these funky milestone apps.

There are a few apps you can use for the sole purpose of recording milestones, creating a more specialised portal. Milestone apps allow you to collect and retrieve helpful data to aide you in raising your child during crucial developmental stages. You can input breastfeeding times, understand your child’s sleeping patterns, and track their growth.
4. Infographic
ways to document baby milestones
Photo via Etsy. A snapshot at those early years in a cool and fun design.

After the first year, you can collect all the photos and data of your baby’s development to create a customised infographic. You can have it framed and placed in your child’s room for prosterity.
5. Videography
ways to document baby milestones
Video is a more exciting and precious way to showcase your little one’s development.

For those of you who like to film everything, you can use your footage to create a video montage. It’s much easier to edit videos these days through apps for our smart phones and tablets, so the only challenge is sorting through your masses of video clips. Try and condense the best bits from your child’s first year into a 3-minute long presentation. If it works, you can repeat it for each year after. Chances are, as you review the footage, you not only get to witness your child’s progress, but your growth as parents as well.
6. The Trustworthy Scrapbook!
ways to document baby milestones
There is nothing more personal than a handmade gift.

With everyone going digital nowadays, it makes a nice change to create something you can physically flick through together when you are reminiscing. So instead of publishing records online, make an old-school scrapbook instead. Preserve memorabilia from each milestone – whether it’s a lock of hair, a sock, or part of a favourite bedtime story. Add photos of when you saw that smile, their first step or when they finally cut a tooth! It takes some creativity and effort to pull off, but that’s part of the journey and it makes it much more personal. Dried and pressed flowers from the flower bouquet you received at childbirth can serve as an excellent scrapbook design too! Your only limit is your imagination and what a gift when your little one turns sweet 16!
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