Marriage Salvation: A List Of Do's

Marriage is not always plain sailing but these tips from International Marriage Experts, Dr Greg and Erin Smalley are great for strengthening and maintaining intimacy in marriage.

save a marriage
Sometimes all it needs is a little step in the right direction.

1. Keep a simple daily couple ritual
It could be a goodbye kiss for him at the start of the day as you leave for work or texting the words “I love you” mid-day to simply let your spouse know that she is on your mind and close to your heart.
2.Reflect and share what you love about your spouse
Reflect on at least one good thing you appreciate about your spouse. It could be something your spouse did that day for you or a quality of his or hers that you appreciate. But don’t just keep it to yourself – share these thoughts and feelings with your spouse any time of the day.
3.Find common interests or hobbies
Share at least one interest or hobby with your spouse and make it a point to enjoy that activity together regularly. This translates to additional time doing something you both derive fun from and gives you both even more interesting things to chat about consistently.
4.Perform random acts of kindness
Do something a little extra for your spouse that you know would put a smile on his or her face without being asked, as often as possible. These acts of kindness don’t need to be elaborate or expensive.
5.Go to bed together
Synchronizing your bedtime with your spouse’s will give you added opportunities to get cosy and intimate with each other.
6.Have a shared mind-set towards commitment
Make a promise to each other to remember especially in times of conflict that leaving each other is not an option – that the way to go is to do all that it takes to save your marriage to make your love for each other last a lifetime.
You can hear more from Dr Gregg and Erin Smalley at their next seminar in Singapore on Wednesday 6th July from 1.30pm-5pm. Plus, you can also catch one of their articles in our next issue of Parents World, out in July.
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