Best Preschool Awards 2016

Best In Fostering Independent Thinkers

Innate Montessori

Striving to bring out the best in your child, Innate Montessori supports the unique development of each student through a range of programmes. They prep their students through detailed observation and consultations with parents.
A half or full day care is offered, with educators readily available to assist the child in totality. From academics, physical, emotional and social development, each aspect is tended to with strong morals and principals — this is done while giving space and opportunities to the kids, allowing independent thinking and the freedom to express and articulate themselves without difficulty.
The pure Montessori environment is richly equipped to invite the children to explore, discover, self-initiate and drive to conclusions based on facts and hands-on experiences. It has a well-driven curriculum that supports each child’s development based on the milestones of development. The school prepares the children to be ready for the next journey with a well prepared foundation and an open mind to embrace the further educational journey in the primary schools in Singapore.

Best In Creative Play

Treasure Box Child Development Centre Pte Ltd

treasure box child development centre
The award-winning childcare centre holds a strong focus on enriching children’s knowledge and growth through creative forms of play; through that, they achieve the best results building a child’s interests and skills.
The childcare offers unique programmes that include Phonics, a distinctive Letter Land method; Computer Whiz, where kids pick up on basic computer skills; Best Buddies, a weekly programme that pairs the kids up, through that, they participate in activities together acquiring social skills and learning how to share with their peers; Latest news educates them on latest happenings around the world by reading newspapers.
You can expect Nursery 1&2 programmes to be constructed upon exploring interests and thoughts through play, while Kindergarten 1&2 develops social skills, ideas, social skills and confidence — prepping them for Primary education.

Best In Fostering Academic Achievement

Dayspring Kindergarten

Day Kindergarten is a MOE-registered kindergarten which provides a holistic and conducive environment for your child to thrive in.
Dayspring Kindergarten provides a holistic curriculum in preparation for your child’s academic journey in Primary school. Drawing focus on language, a life skill that plays a crucial role in every kid’s growth, educators guide and encourage students to communicate with one another through storytelling, phonics and interaction through photographs/pictures.
In addition, Dayspring gives emphasis on fundamental mathematics concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; and early sciences, giving students the freedom to explore while learning. Sciences and social studies are also taught, putting your child at the forefront as they begin their education in Primary 1.

Best In Character Building

Little Petals Preschool

Little Petals Preschool creates a fun, safe and nurturing environment for children.
An all-encompassing curriculum is introduced through bilingual means and multiple-intelligences. These include interactive games, multi-media learning and learning hubs.
You child’s learning journey is based on practical life, where the children are introduced to opportunities that build and enhance their interests. Little Petals Preschool curriculum builds around self-awareness and discovery, tailored to encourage little ones to explore, observe, make sense of and understand their findings. This further strengthens their character building and emotional intelligence — an aspect crucial to the developing years of a child.
Students at the preschool are also taught creative and aesthetic appreciation, they are exposed to various types of music, dance and art.

Best In Nurturing Developmental Potential

Amazing Star Montessori House

Amazing Star Montessori House blends a well-established Montessori curriculum with traditional preparatory curriculum, where children are exposed only to purposeful work.
Amazing Star Montessori House builds the foundation for lifelong learning in an environment where children can thrive. Besides preparing each child academically, they are also prepared to be self-confident, independent and responsible.
Multimedia-integrated lessons are specifically developed to a child’s natural curiosity and interests, and present skills and concepts like literacy, numeracy, music and art in engaging and interactive ways. To enhance their general knowledge, each term is supplemented with an interesting theme like fruits, transportation or the underwater world. These themes are integrated into hands-on, interactive lessons and activities; all of which culminate into an outdoor excursion to a related destination at the end of the term.

Best In Nurturing Early Literacy

Safari House Preschool

Safari House Preschool exclusively adopts the award-winning Zoo-phonics programme, which is used successfully in over 6,000 schools worldwide.
In line with the highly acclaimed Zoo-phonics programme, Safari House Preschool’s approach is playful, unique and effective — enabling children to develop literacy skills
in the early stage of their lives. Through
a systematic, multi-modal approach that focuses all the energy of children on learning the shapes and sounds of the alphabet
and phonemes, reading and spelling is a
sure success. An integrated language arts programme held amidst an interesting
animal backdrop and setting, creates a fun and nurturing environment for your child’s daily language immersion and awareness. Interactive multi-sensorial activities across the curriculum also help children learn
about mathematics, drama, art, music and movement, science, social studies, and more.

Best Learning Playground

School House by the Garden

schoolhouse in the garden
Located in the serene neighbourhoods of Singapore, School House by the Garden provides a spacious and conducive space for children to grow and learn.
The pre-school’s core programs are tailored to meet a child’s fundamental growth needs. The curriculum ranges from personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematics to knowledge and understanding of the world; enabling the young ones to explore and gain knowledge of their environment though technology and non-technology based resources.
Additional features of the pre-school include enrichment courses. The Think Kids (Mind Map) Program teaches the child to put his critical and creative thinking into use, while the Star Phonics Program takes on a whole-language approach, building on the child’s literacy skills. Additionally, they can build their confidence and express emotions freely in the English Speech & Drama Program.

Best In Global Education

Pink Tower Montessori

Putting together the best of Montessori elements together with conventional approaches, Pink Tower Montessori nurtures children’s development and learning capabilities.
Pink Tower Montessori is a premium preschool offering full Montessori classes for children from 18 months to 6 years of age. In our sprawling, high-quality learning space, children are encouraged to feel secure while challenging themselves.
Registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore), Pink Tower boosts a curriculum that is rich in Montessori activities, bilingual learning plus world and green studies. Weekly lesson plans are created for each child as the preschool believes that each child progresses at his/her own rate. A specially crafted Primary School Preparatory programme is also implemented for the older children to ensure a seamless transition into the primary schools. Enrolment is limited to ensure a balanced teacher-child ratio in a cozy and conducive environment for an international community of young learners.
Pink Tower Montessori also conducts Parent-Child classes for children from 12 months to 2 1/2 years old. In these two beginning classes, “MonteBabes” and “MonteTots”, moms and dads join in the exploratory and discovery process with their young ones as they partake in a one-hour session of Montessori exercises and other fun-filled activities. Each class is headed by a Montessori-trained directress and children are given oodles of praise and encouragement.