Best Family Products / Services 2016

Introducing 2016’s Parents World Best of the Best in Family Products & Services! Browse this list to find out what you should be getting your family to keep them safe, healthy and happy — because they deserve the best!

Best Cold and Allergy Relief


ADEZIO relieves allergy and cold symptoms fast so you and your child don’t have to suffer a minute longer than necessary.
According to a study conducted by National University Hospital of Singapore, on in every two children suffers from allergies. Blocked nose, frequent sneezing, watery eyes and swelling are some of the common symptoms of an allergic reaction. Allergies can also manifest as patches of itchy, red, raised bumps on the skin, commonly knows as hives. For children with chronic allergies, inadequate symptom control may contribute to learning impairment resulting from school absences, poor quality of life, and can lead to mental and emotional distress.
Adults too suffer from allergies and hives. For both adults and children, allergies can be triggered by anything from food, chemicals to environmental pollutants here and overseas. Adults can build resistance to allergens by taking medications containing antihistamines, which alleviate the symptoms of allergies such as hives and allergic rashes. For children one of the most common treatments for allergies is the use of nasal drop or sprays. However, given the difficulty of administering nasal drops/sprays, children do not generally respond as well to them. Crucially, they also do not treat symptoms resulting from hives.
This is where ADEZIO comes in handy. A second-generation antihistamine, it provides fast-acting relief for allergy and cold symptoms, for both adults and children. It is available in two forms: ADEZIO tablet and ADEZIO syrup. To make it easier for children to consume, the syrup has been formulated with a tasty lychee flavour (alcohol-and-sugar-free). Best of all, ADEZIO is non-drowsy and its once-a-day dosing formula makes it a recommended choice for adults and school children. ADEZIO is handy especially while on holiday – why let allergies ruin your vacation?

Best Affordable Investment Plan

Use  monthly low-cost plan to invest a fixed sum of money at regular intervals and gain peace of mind for your financial future.
Fundsupermart’s Regular Savings Plan stand out from the crowd by encouraging clients to make regular investments of small sums, even ones starting as low as $100. In particular, if you have time on your side, you can invest conservatively and reap dramatic benefits in the form of compound interest. Billed as the eighth wonder of the world by Albert Einstein himself, compound interest ensure that even small investment sums are not overlooked. As long as an investment is paying you interest, you can rest easy knowing that the longer you hold it, the higher your returns.
Apart from the advantage of compounding interesting, the Regular Savings plan uses a second investment strategy of dollar cost averaging in order to ensure that their investors will not have to be overly concerned about market fluctuations. Dollar cost averaging simply refers to a strategy where a fixed price is invested in exchange for more share units when prices are low, and fewer units when prices are high. The strategy ensures that there is less risk of investing a large amount into a single investment when prices are high. The average cost per share will also be secure knowing that they are protected from purchasing large numbers of shares at the wrong time.
By participating in this Regular Savings Plan, investors will enjoy the benefits of compound interest over time. At the same time, they will also be secure knowing that they are protected from purchasing large numbers of shares at the wrong time.

Best Disinfectants


Keeping your family safe.
Keep your family safe with the GK-GermKiller range of water-based, safe and proven disinfectants. Proudly made in Singapore, GK-GermKiller’s proprietary advanced formulations kill germs in seconds but are non-toxic to humans and animals. Certified effective by leading independent laboratories, the GK-GermKiller product line is used extensively both in the home and any place where hygiene is of utmost priority including childcare centres, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, airplanes and nursing homes.
GK-GermKiller GK Air
As an air disinfectant, deodoriser and freshener, GK Air helps to refresh and improve indoor air quality by destroying odour-causing bacteria and air-borne germs.
GK-GermKiller GK Surface
GK Surface is certified to be effective against the H1N1 (flu virus), coxsackie virus (that causes HFMD), human coronavirus (MERS/SARS/pneumonia/cold) by US testing laboratories, as well as MRSA and other harmful germs. GK Surface is suitable on all surfaces. It provides 24-hour protection through an invisible anti-microbrial barrier that prevents the spread of infectious diseases through contact.
GK-GermKiller GK Concentrate/GK Concentrate with Citronella (NEW)
With a broad spectrum bactericidal action that kills 99.99999% of bacteria, GK Concentrate is an economical multi-purpose disinfectant and light detergent that is tough on germs. New formulated GK Concentrate with natural Citronella is the first product in the market that protects you from both germs and mosquitoes for better peace of mind. It combines the highly effective GK Concentrate formula with natural citronella essential oil extract for a powerful 2-in-1 action. Use it daily to protect against the things (germs and insects) that make you sick!

Best Domestic Helper Recruitment Agency

Imtidad Employment Solutions

Get the help you need wixth all your domestic chores.
Imtidad Employment Solutions, awarded the Singapore Trusted Quality Brand 2015, is committed to providing a one-stop service – careful staff selection, handling of all administrative paperwork and transportation for the worker. Potential employers will not need to concern themselves with the hassle of work permit applications, medical examinations and insurance as the agency will make all the necessary arrangements on their behalf. With the current busy and fast-paced lifestyles of many Singaporeans, we are committed to providing FREE home or office visits for helper selection and signing of contracts at our client’s convenience. Clients can visit our website @ to book an appointment.
Employers will also benefit from the rigorous checks that the agency conducts to ensure that each worker is the best they can find. Aside from personally making a trip to Indonesia or Philippines to interview each of their agency’s workers, Imtidad also allows employers to have a personal Skype interview with a potential helper at zero cost. This rigor has helped the agency maintain an excellent track record of zero demerit points based on the Ministry of Manpower regulations and standards.
Imtidad is committing to securing the best fit for their clients and their families. After engaging one of their helpers, the agency guarantees a free and unlimited replacement of staff during the eight-month trial period if things do not work out. As an after-sales service, free counselling is provided for clients who face problems with their helpers. For a comprehensive, professional domestic service, discuss your needs and requirements with Imtidad’s consultants today.

Best Laser Tag Arena

Laser Quest

Unleash the kid in you at Singapore’s best laser tag arena, where the young and old all come to play!
Take lasers, infrared-sensitive targets and elements of hide-and-seek. Combine them, with special lighting and upbeat music to set the mood – and you’ll have the best time of your life!
Laser tag has become popular with people of all ages since it was founded in 1979. It is thrilling, often times intense and incorporates realistic stimulated combat experiences. Laser Quest is the first and only one of it’s kind in Singapore; it is also the most affordable Laser tag game on the island. They combine the classic game of hide-and-seek with laser tag, inviting families to the fully-equipped indoor arena. These laser guns do not open fire any type of physical projectiles, which makes them completely safe for children eight years and above to operate!
The arena mimics a digital world, specially designed for the activity. Located indoors and fully air-conditioned, it allows visitors to play the game in air-conditioned comfort. Laser Quest also provides the most affordable Laser Tag Birthday Package, with Party Rooms that come accompanied with it!
Oh, and did we mention that the staff are exceptionally engaging, and will definitely bring out the fun side in you? Participate in missions that will pump your adrenaline — these missions are ever-changing; there will never be a dull moment!

Best All-Natural Antiseptic Skin Relief Range

Rapaid Skin Relief Range

Stay itch-free with these products designed to relieve skin discomfort.
Do you frequently get cuts, scratches and insect bites as you go about your daily business? If you do, Rapaid Skin Relief range may be the quick and gentle solution for you. Made in Australia, the Rapaid Skin Relief range of products is formulated with all-natural ingredients that are suitable for the whole family, including babies.
Rapaid Cream and Rapaid Spray
These two products provide the same soothing relief, but customers have a choice between a cream and spray. Both contain highly purified Tea Tree Oil, with its renowned antiseptic qualities. Aloe vera and vitamin E ingredients naturally moisturise, soothe and relieve pain caused by irritated skin. In addition, the texture is non-greasy, giving it excellent compatibility with any skin type.
Rapaid Powder
Rapaid Powder is ideal for keeping skin dry, and is particularly helpful for rash, skin irritations and chaffing due to moisture build-up. Besides containing Tea Tree Oil, it also has zinc oxide to give extra protection to irritation skin. Corn starch is used as the powder base since it has better absorbency than talc.
Help In Times Of Need
Whether it’s for the parents who frequently sweat it out at the gym or the stuffy kitchen, or for the children who love gambolling outdoors, Rapaid Skin Relief range’s anti-inflammatory properties and all-natural ingredients ensure that these products are your perfect companion to sooth cuts or insect bites.

Best Vacation Cruise Entertainment

Royal Caribbean International

Indulge in the world’s best entertainment options, all brought to you in one place with a caressing sea breeze and a healthy dose of sunlight thrown in.
Oftentimes, all we want to do is to bask in the sunlight and enjoy the feel of the sea breeze in our hair. That dream may be dashed when you step aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise, because the sheer array of entertainment options available may very well make it difficult for one to sit still. A plethora of dining and entertainment options are available for the whole family to enjoy, and many are even available in package deals that allow patrons to enjoy some of the most luxurious experiences at a fraction of the cost!
Parents with young children won’t have to worry about missing out on the night programmes either, as the professionals in the Sitter at Sea programme will keep your children company in your rooms, bringing along a wide selection of toys and games to keep the little ones entertained. That is, if they haven’t already passed out after an entire day at the water park or at the activity-packed Aquanauts, Explorers, or Voyagers programmes.
The Dreamworks Experience is one of the most loved segments of Royal Caribbean cruises, where young children get to meet-and-greet their favourite animation characters from movies such as Shrek, Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda, and even to dine or play games with them. Older children will be thrilled by the video arcade, pool, sports deck, and a teens-only nightclub available on the liner.
Those who are looking for a bit of a workout will be glad to note that there is no shortage of sports facilities, even on board a ship. The Royal Caribbean liners offer complimentary access to facilities such as a surf simulator, rock-climbing wall, ice-skating rink and Seaplex indoor space with bumper cars and circus school! The more sedentary cruise-goers can look forward to live performances featuring daredevil aerialists, ice skating experts, as well as Broadway style shows.

Best Nasal Relief Product

Sterimar All-Natural Seawater Nasal Spray

Recommended by doctors, Sterimar provides nasal relief to breathe and smell better for the whole family, including babies.
Sterimar is a preservative-free, 100% natural product of seawater, enriched with trace elements that are beneficial to our cells. Its salt concentration is equivalent to that which is naturally found in our body. It is also contamination-free due to the technology that preserves the quality of the seawater. You ay wash the detachable nozzle before or after every use. The specially designed Sterimar nozzle produces a microdiffusion effect and guarantees an optimum penetration of the active ingredients from the sea.
When can we use Sterimar?
Sterimar can be used when your baby is having a hard time sleeping or suckling milk due to a congested or runny nose. Sterimar may induce a sneezing effect to allow mucus and impurities to be flushed out from the baby’s nose. A clean and healthy nose makes breathing easier.
Sterimar is also the choice of doctors’ as an all-natural preventive nasal microspray. Regular usage of Sterimar has been proven to relieve symptoms of sinuses and conditions arising from nasal allergy, hence reducing the dependence on nasal medication.
When visiting cold and dry countries, it may be hard to breathe comfortably. Sterimar moisturises your nose to make breathing easier. Sterimar is also helpful during times of air pollution as a clean and healthy nose allows you to breathe and smell better, and also prevents the onset of nasal sensitivity.
Effective and Handy
Sterimar comes in handy sizes of 50ml and 100ml, allowing you to keep it handy in your bag. Whether you are visiting a cold country or facing air pollution, Sterimar moisturises and cleanses your nose for better breathing. Made in France, Sterimar is well endorsed by doctors around the world. It is a natural, non-medicated, non-steroidal product that is suitable for the whole family to use.

Best Indoor Playground

T-Play Indoor Playground

Our with the old, in with the new. This indoor play area is bound to leave junior satisfied.
Think of aeroplanes, fire engines and police cars — you get T-play Kids Indoor Playground. This family entertainment playground measures up to an astounding 4,200 square feet, and comes with a vast range of fun, interactive and imaginative equipment.
Traditional playgrounds with seesaws and slides can be a joy to play at, but why not enrich your child’s play experiences, and encourage them to get creative at the same time? T-Play Kids Indoor Playground does exactly that — the latest one-of-its-kind Augmented Reality features prompts junior to get his/her creative juices going while having fun the way every kid should!
The playground has more than 140 play elements that include trampolines, large slides and ball pits. Enticed yet? There is even a boulder wall; the kids are bound to go nuts with it! It gets better — the play points are all specially designed to engage your child’s brain development, motion coordination and sense of direction.
The grounds are not only open for walk-ins; you can host birthday parties and school programmes to boot. Deemed the most affordable playground in Singapore, the brand new and fully equipped arena also prides themselves with its safety and hygiene standards.
T-Play membership perks include 3 complimentary all-day entries; exclusive play rates, privileged rates for Birthday packages and special rates for events and activities!