6 Inspiring celebrity fathers of the year

These celebrity dads are setting an exemplary standard for fathers around the world and not just for their looks. We round up the most inspiring and influential celebrity fathers of 2016 – just in time for Father’s Day.
1. John Legend 
The 10-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, John Legend, and his wife Chrissy Teigan became parents in April, when they welcomed baby girl, Luna into the world. There is no doubt that John is one heck of a proud and loving father. On Chrissy’s snapchat, John shared his upcoming album with his wife and baby, and in an interview with MTV News, he said, “I feel like there’s so much to teach them,” Legend said about his future daughter. “[There’s] so much world out there. I’m really excited to see how she takes it all in and hopefully I’ll be a good guide and mentor for her.” Daddy’s girl springs to mind!
2.David Beckham 
Former English professional footballer, David Beckham, is a man who knows where his priorities lie. Quality family time is uber important for the Beckhams, who are often spotted out having fun on the beach, front row of a catwalk or rocking out at a concert. He’s dad of the year in their eyes, so much so, that 13-year old Romeo was recently spotted following in his dad’s fancy footsteps and earnestly practicing tennis with Andy Murray – a different type of ball game, but you’re never too young to start. Right, David? 
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3. Chris Hemsworth
Father to a daughter and two sons, Thor.. sorry, I mean, Chris Hemsworth was a no brainer for our list. As a grounded and supportive parent, the Austrailian actor has been seen numerous times on his wife’s Instagram, fishing, baking, hiking and spending beautiful quality time with his children. Finding the time to do all that amongst his busy movie star schedule, especially with The Hunstman: Winter War already out and another movie under way, here’s to Papa Chris for breaking standards!
4. Will Smith
Despite being one of the most successful film, TV and music stars of his lifetime, Will Smith has also shaped two of the most influential teen icons of the century. Willow and Jaden Smith have their father to thank for their introduction to Hollywood but it is his strength and support that keep them on the right path. Will has been supportive of Jaden’s gender-fluidity and personal achievements by being a pillar of concrete reinforcement for his son’s creative exploration and expression. Raising the kids well, Will Smith sure is the right daddy to follow.
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5. Ryan Reynolds 
Now expecting his second child with wife, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds is on our list for being, well, the man that he is. The Canadian actor and producer is well known for his tongue-in-cheek movies, like his most recent comic inspired epic, Marvel’s Deadpool, where he plays a masked mercenary . We trust that he will keep his children entertained with his child-like personality and passionate support and we have no doubt he is a superdad in both his kids’ and Blake’s eyes.
6. Channing Tatum
Leading roles in Magic Mike XXL and 21 Jump Street, the American dancer turned actor, Channing Tatum makes way for a larger role in his daughter, Everly Tatum’s, life. The couple welcomed their baby girl in 2013 and are not private when it comes to traditional family time, like when we saw them together on Halloween last year dressed up in onesies (how cute!). Channing added on the Daily Mail  “None of this is easy but at the same time it’s everything I would have ever wanted,” he said, “having a family and a little girl, it really makes things super clear.” You are smitten, Channing, Sir.
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These guys are proving just how important the father’s role is in bringing up our children and giving an insight into the passion, support and love that goes into being a parent.
Happy Father’s Day to one and all! #dadsforlife
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