NANTA (Cookin') live show

NANTA (Cookin’) returns to Singapore once more! Here’s what you should know about the performance.


Cooking up a storm with music, culinary skills and mayhem, NANTA (COOKIN’) has entertained over 8 million people around the world. The five chefs who use knives to drum, juggle and cook will entertain you all night long. The non-verbal muscial is derived from traditional Korean instrumental performance – “Samulnori”. Chefs use their main characters, knives and other kitchen utensils as musical instruments, as they entertain the crowd with acrobatic cooking moves.
We conducted an interview and here’s what went down..
Welcome to Singapore! We’re thrilled to have you guys here! What made you decide to bring the performance to Singapore?
NANTA was here before and we heard that the Singapore audiences were very energetic and enthusiastic. Therefore, we have always wanted to visit Singapore again and interact with the audience. It feels great to be here, and we really appreciate the warm welcome.
To what extent does cooking define the Korean culture?
NANTA is like a compact version of the Korean culture. By watching NANTA, people can get a 90 minute experience of the various aspects of the Korean culture. A traditional Korean wedding, Korean food, Korean rhythm and beats and Korean customs can all be found in NANTA.
Where did the idea of NANTA (COOKIN’) come from?
We wanted to connect people from all over the world and let them have a peek into the Korean culture. As Koreans were not easily understood by people outside of Korean, we decided to use rhythm, beats and tunes to tell the story instead; and thus NANTA was born.
We hope that people all over the world will continue to support NANTA, and we will strive to constantly improve and update our performance with exciting content.
The kitchen comes alive with NANTA cooks
While cooking is practiced worldwide, what makes NANTA stand out? How does it appeal to the international crowd?
The success of NANTA can be attributed to the non-verbal performance charm. Where people of all ages and nationalities can enjoy the performance, audience participation, the fusion of Korean traditional percussions (Samulnori) and techno music rhythms, as well as the constant addition of new and exciting scenes to keep NANTA fresh.
I conceptualised NANTA with the aim of targeting both foreign and domestic audiences, especially to spread the Korean culture worldwide. Thus, all elements in the show were created with the audiences in mind, with the fusion of music and comedy that appeals to everyone.
How do you think Singaporeans, especially parents and kids, will respond to these two performances?
We heard that Singapore audiences are very enthusiastic and energetic. We are really excited and look forward to meeting everyone at Resorts World Theatre in June! It will be one of the most powerful shows ever!
The cast are a very jovial bunch! It certainly contributes a great deal to the entire performance. How do they keep their spirits up?
NANTA actors are very energetic. They take the responsibility as an actor very seriously and also try to stay in great condition. Another driving force is the reaction from the audience. The more enthusiasm and excitement the audiences show, the more energetic performance the NANTA cast will deliver. So gear up your energy, Singapore!
We can hardly wait to watch you guys in action! Are there any future performances/events we should keep a lookout for?
NANTA is a global performance, there are many performances scheduled to take place overseas, so always be on the watch! You can follow our SNS accounts (@globalnanta) and keep up to date with our performances abroad.
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3 – 5 June 2016
Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Standard: $68, $98, $118
Premium: $138
Restricted view: $48

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