7 things all dads of daughters should do. NB: David Beckham is already doing them

Being a daddy is tough enough so this one is for all you dads of daughters. Take note on some of the things we think you should be doing for a happier life
After seeing Victoria Beckham’s cute Instagram shot of David stitching daughter Harper’s dolly dresses, it had us swooning. Just how cute are dads and their little girls!? And, we are always so amazed at just how much even the most masculine of men can ‘girlify’ themselves for the sake of a tea party or fairy dance with the one true love of their lives.

dads of daughters
Credit: Instagram/victoriabeckham. David Beckham shows daughter Harper there is simply no limit to his love.

So, if you are a newbie daughter daddy, or just need a little inspiration on the connecting front, here is our guide to some of the things all dads of daughters should do for a relatively (we are not miracle workers!) drama-free life.
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1.Cuddles: Nothing beats a cuddle from daddy so give her plenty. You will be her hero, it will make her feel safe.
2.Love mummy: Treat her mother well. She needs to know how men should treat women.
3.Always be there: Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, help with maths homework or cooking a cake after a break up. Be her hero until she finds a new one.
4. Know one will know you dressed up as the fairy queen for tea: Seriously, you might surprise yourself and even enjoy it. David Beckham sure looks like he’s having fun with his cross stitch!
dads of daughters
You will always be her hero.

5. Show her your favourite things to do: Teach her to play cricket, go fishing or bird watching. Or, just watch the game together with snacks. She’ll love it because you do.
6. Give her dates a hard time: It’s standard. Don’t play it cool! She’ll love you for doing it, even though she doesn’t act like it.
7.Wait up and be ready to rescue with open arms: This is just one of those daddy duties you get lumped with. But, maybe once or twice don’t ground her, just hold her and be glad she is ok.
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