What is the best way of teaching children humility?

We want to educate children that they are special and wonderful, but at the same time, there is a fine line between taking pleasure and not pride in their accomplishments.

Teaching children humility
How can we ensure our kids understand the importance of humility?

A humble person who recognizes his own strengths will also see the strengths of others. An arrogant 10-year-old thinks he is better than his friends because he’s a maths whiz; whereas a child who is humble, despite being a maths whiz, will acknowledge traits that he can learn from other kids who excel in other areas – take sports for instance.
It’s easy to belittle and put others down, but we want our children to know and appreciate who they are and respect others while doing so.
Stop the back talk
First-off, it’s important for your children to communicate with you in an adult setting respectfully, while acknowledging their elders for their wisdom, life experiences and as a person in general.
Kids often tend to assume that the world revolves around themselves, and are easily thrilled by the notion of being more capable than their adult counterparts. Smart-alecky attitudes and the habit of talking back are strictly no-nos in the house – until your child learns to talk and behave respectfully, reprimand them for their actions and words.
Teaching children humility
Set the right example for them to follow. They’ll thank you for it later in life.

Lead by example
“Sorry” seems to be the hardest word in the face of pride, but one of the most essential in your child’s vocabulary. Ensure that your children apologise for their wrongdoings, and be quick to forgive; at the same time, as you make mistakes in their presence, be sure to apologise in turn.
It is also important to show that as parents, you make mistakes and are brave and humble enough to admit to them.
Never overindulge
Showering your kid with gifts as an expression of love should never be overdone – especially if they beg, scream or wail over an item they want. Learn to say no and stand your ground, your child will stand to benefit from that in the long run.
Overindulgence tends to bring out the worst in every child, it is difficult for anyone who grows up getting everything they want to pick up a myriad of life skills.
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