Awesome house cleaning hacks to get your home looking spotless

Looking for inspiration to get the house spotless? Check out these awesome house cleaning hacks! You’re welcome!
Everyone likes a clean home, but not many people enjoy spending hours cleaning and dusting (unless you are Martha Stewart of course!). For the rest of us, there are life’s little shortcuts which come in very handy, especially when you have unexpected visitors showing up at the door with very little notice.
Read on for our list of 8 (easy) cleaning hacks that will get your home looking spotless in just minutes.

  1. Get Rid of Foul Odours

house cleaning hacks
Say goodbye to nasty odours and welcome the calming scent of essential oils instead!

If it smells good, it probably looks good too. Get rid of odd odours around the house by lighting scented candles, adding a few drops of your favourite scented essential oil to a reed diffuser or spraying some air freshener around sofas and near doors. For smells in the kitchen, simply boil a pot of water and simmer with vanilla essence, cinnamon or lemon peels. There’s nothing better than a fresh, citrus smelling house. Unless of course you were to bake up a batch of cookies or a cake (plus you’ll have a scrumptious treat ready for later).

  1. Have An Emergency Clutter Basket

When you need to ‘hide’ things in a hurry and don’t have time to put them back where they belong, grab an empty laundry basket and put all stray items in it – to be dealt with later. This could include everything from toys, books, charging wires, even clothes lying around the house. Stash the basket behind closed doors and no one will be the wiser, and your house will instantly look clutter-free.

  1. Clean the bathroom

house cleaning hacks
A pongy bathroom makes for a very sad (and smelly) household!

Whatever you do, make sure the bathroom is spotless! You don’t have to spend much time cleaning it either. Give the toilet a quick scrub with toilet cleaner and let it sit while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Wipe down the sink and shower / bath, faucets and cabinets. Replace the hand towel with a fresh one; make sure there is enough toilet paper and soap. Finally, flush the toilet, wash your hands and smile.

  1. Use That Feather Duster

Be smart about dusting down the house – vacuuming and deep cleaning can wait till your guests are gone, but a quick sweep of the house with the broom won’t hurt now. Whip out the feather duster and start dusting surfaces in plain sight that are in the lounge room (that will be the first place your guests see when they enter), working your way around the house to where the guests will end up (unless you plan on them taking a nap, don’t worry about cleaning the bedrooms). After dusting, spray table and counter tops with a pleasant smelling disinfectant and wipe down.

  1. Clean Those Windows and Mirrors

house cleaning hacks
Life is more beautiful through clean glass,

Even if your home looks spotless, streaky mirrors and windows will ruin that effect immediately. Get shiny glass by simply spraying glass cleaner (or homemade vinegar-water solution) onto the mirrors and windows, and wiping them down with newspaper. Goodbye finger prints!

  1. Open The Windows

Now that you have cleaned the windows, open them and let natural sunlight come in. You’ll instantly have a brighter, fresher and cleaner looking space.
      7. Flowers

cleaning house hacks
Does it really need explaining?

Add the perfect finishing touches to a beautiful clean home by putting small bouquet of flowers randomly around the house. Not only will they make your home look even prettier, the smell of fresh flowers is something everyone likes!
       8. No Shoes Indoors
You’re probably already doing this in your house, so get your guests to do the same and follow your example. All shoes must stay at the door, as they bring in dirt and mud (at the very least). Keeping them out of the house means your floors will look cleaner for longer when people come over.
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Written for Parents World by Priyanka Elhence. Priyanka is a busy mom of 9 yr old twin boys. She writes on anything from lifestyle and dining to parenting and celebrity profiles.