How to create your very own family Easter Egg Hunt

Create your very own Easter egg hunt at home this year. We’ve got it all covered, from the eggs to the location and the clues. Happy hunting!
Easter is just around the corner and this year and if you’re still scrambling for ideas on what to do, we can help! Why not have your own Easter egg hunt at home instead of going all the way across town and having to fight the crowds?
Invite friends and neighbours and make it a party. The key to having a great easter egg hunt at home is to keep things simple and have fun! There are so many places that you can hide those little eggs in and around the house, it’ll become an annual tradition for your family in no time.

Here’s what to do:

1. Choose your eggs

easter egg at home
Create your eggs for the hunt together as a family

Hollow plastic eggs might be more preferable than regular chocolate eggs in Singapore’s ever-increasing heat! Or if you plan on keeping things as original as possible, you can make egg decorating an indoor activity to keep the kids occupied. Hard boil the eggs in advance, and get the kids to decorate them using crayons, food colouring and paint. If you decide to use plastic eggs, make it fun and fill them up with candy, little treats or even money.
2. Colour code them
easter egg hunt at home
Fair game: Colour code your eggs depending on the age groups taking part

Chances are that you will have children from different age groups doing the Easter egg hunt. Give the little ones a chance against the older ones by colour coding the eggs. For example, blue eggs might be reserved for the 2-4 year old age group, whilst yellow eggs are reserved for the 6-8 year olds. This might have the indirect pleasant effect of getting older ones to help toddlers find eggs and garner some real bonding!
3. The special eggs
easter egg hunt at home
Paint a few eggs in different colours to make them the focus of the hunt

To make the egg hunt more fun, consider decorating 1-2 eggs in a different colour and make them ‘the special eggs’. Anyone who finds these eggs is entitled to a special treat such as a giant chocolate egg!
4. Treasure trail
easter egg hunt at home
Create riddles and rhymes to make the hunt for interesting for older kids

Instead of a regular egg hunt, why not turn the fun into a treasure trail instead. Put clues (think about riddles, directions, hidden objects and so forth) inside each egg that leads them to the next egg along your plotted course. Reward the one who finds the last coin with treasure – a bag of gold chocolate coins – of course me hearties!
5. Mark out the hunting ground
easter egg hunt at home
Keep wandering little bunnies where they should be!

Children are like ants – they have a habit of getting into off-limit areas, especially closets and bedrooms. Decorate specific areas both in and out of the house (if you’re planning to use the garden as well) to let the kids know where the egg hunt will be and where they are allowed to wander. Get creative and mark out banned areas with self-designed posters saying ‘No Bunnies Allowed’. Bear in mind safety for the younger ones and be sure to store fragile and precious items out of the way!
6. Don’t forget where you hid the eggs!
easter egg hunt at home
Don’t forget where you hid the eggs! Make a note of what went where

There’s nothing quite like the smell off forgotten rotten eggs or seeing melted chocolate oozing out from behind a sofa cushion. Hide the eggs on the day of the hunt (in private of course while the kids are asleep) and write down the location of each egg as you hide it. Keep eggs for toddlers and little ones in low lying areas such as on coffee tables, flower pots or along a sofa. Be more innovative with older children and hide the eggs anywhere from around the kitchen to behind the garden gnome, under pots and pans or tree branches for example.
7. Have something to collect the eggs with
easter egg hunt at home
Have a basket handy to collect the eggs as they find them

Chances are most children will show up with just themselves for the egg hunt and not much else! Be prepared and arm yourself with one small basket per child for them to store their collected eggs in.
8. Egg-fiesta!
easter egg hunt at home
Hot cross buns are a must for every after hunt buffet

Nothing spells Easter better than the chocolate bunny and hot cross buns. Plan to have a fun buffet of party foods for the kids after the egg hunt is done and get friends to bring a dish to make it easier on you. Cupcakes, chocolate nests, fruit kebabs, punch, trail mix, anything is welcome! And of course, don’t forget those delish little cream eggs!
Happy Easter!
Written for Parents World by Priyanka Elhence. Priyanka is a busy mom of 9 yr old twin boys. She writes on anything from lifestyle and dining to parenting and celebrity profiles.

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